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    Major Rain 5G issues - No Internet and speed drops below 1Mbps

    If you have the option of fibre rather go that route (and ensure you use the correct FNO and ISP), the connection is exactly what I pay for and I get my 100Mbps/50Mbps no matter what time of the day it is. I had no option but to use a WISP before fibre arrived and the signal would drop for a...
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    Pick your favourite Afrihost work-from-home photo and win R2,000 cash

    Damon and Natasha (I cannot resist cute dogs) Conrad (what a collection!!!!!)
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    Do you support the government’s current lockdown strategy?

    Is there anyone that thinks that people are currently following the rules that have been imposed? As soon as the money stopped coming in people started making plans and are willing to circumvent the "rules" to ensure that they can put food on the table. You weigh up the risks versus rewards and...
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    Spotify vs YouTube Premium - The best music streaming plan for families

    Are you sure it is 5 family members on Google? I currently have 6 on the plan. The best thing about it is the lack of adverts on YouTube.
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    Spotify Premium Family plan launched in South Africa

    Sorry too late to the party. I signed up with the Youtube Premium Family package because they were refusing to bring the Spotify Family package to SA and now I cannot see myself going back to Youtube with adverts. The Youtube music is not as good but is good enough.
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    Openserve price changes won't mean cheaper fibre – ISP

    What would you expect from Telscum, they have been ripping their customers off for decades.
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    What car do you drive?

    Toyota, reliable economical not pretentious and the servicing staff treat me well (unlike Mercedes Benz)
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    Vumatel and SADV merge to operate as a single entity

    I loved working with the people at SADV and hope that they all find positions within Vumatel where they can grow and prosper.
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    Vumatel and SADV merge to operate as a single entity

    Their year ends are March so it makes perfect sense for it to be the 1st of April. I think it was only a matter of time as it made no sense having two companies doing the same thing in the same group.
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    Vumatel and SADV merge to operate as a single entity

    You will need to speak to your ISP for clarification as they will be determining the pricing.
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    Vumatel and SADV merge to operate as a single entity

    Tell them you are a SADV customer as it will probably take a few days for everything to settle down.
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    Vumatel and SADV merge to operate as a single entity

    The speed upgrade on participating ISP's have already kicked in
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    What happens on the first of the month when residents, restaurants, and retail stores don’t pay rent?

    Landlords have expenses that need to be paid as well and expecting them to provide space without being compensated for it is asking a lot. Everyone is going to be affected by the lockdown and I really do not think that the economic consequences and repercussions have been adequately though...