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    Populating a nest list in class

    But you put the marks list within another marks list. So the code is working as expected. Take it step by step. Which part is knocking you out? ... : List<Marks> marksList = new List<Marks> (); //Creates new marks list Marks mark1 = {StudentNo="1",SubjectName = "History",SubjectMark = "50"}...
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    PowerBeams for 1Km Range?

    -65db is signal strength (of sorts). Its what the colour bars on the unit represent. -90db would be a weak signal. -65 would be stronger. -55 would be very strong. Theres no cutoff here (or threshold) , but the stronger the signal , the higher the bitrate the powerbeams will select. So , you'll...
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    PowerBeams for 1Km Range?

    I would start by resetting the powerbeams to default settings. Holding down the reset switch on UBNT gear and then and keeping it held for 10 seconds while the power is on usually does this. Then you set the IP on your machine to something like Usually , the routers default...
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    FNB shuts down cryptocurrency-linked bank accounts

    Your statement pretends that FNB is the only bank that is highly regulated. They are all regulated equally. If FNB bails , the other banks will follow suit in drone fashion , and crypto exchanges will cease to exist here.
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    Should I upgrade to MVC

    This is the "moving with the times" problem in software. Its mostly a business question. Not a code question. I have seen these outcomes in this scenario : 1. Company drives forward with rewrite and its too soon. They spend too much money too quickly. They pick an unproven new framework...
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    Summary Dismissal or how would you treat this?

    Whats fair is up to you. Whats legal is : 1. You need to issue this person a formal letter informing them that they are absent without leave , have clearly stated their reasons for being absent which are unacceptable to the business , and that the requested leave has been denied. And , and...
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    Where to find a suitable developer for a specific online query system

    I know someone who's extremely competent who works for 4i. I know he wouldn't work there unless the shop was solid. Try and talk to them and see what they come up with. Its in Century City
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    Where to find a suitable developer for a specific online query system

    This sounds like (and open to correction here) : 1. You are not sure if there is enough available money to hire a competent developer to complete the project. 2. You are trying to offload the risk onto the developers so that you don't have to carry it. And , this without offering any equity in...
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    South African companies are desperate for tech skills – but just can’t find them

    In 2016 , I worked remotely for an american firm for about 15 months. Paid 20% above what I would have been paid in Sandton. I live in Durban. I have already watched 1 South African software company go out of business and another become a shadow of its former self because they couldn't keep...
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    Multichoice is burning

    "We dont need no water..."
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    How do people find Technical Co-founders?

    I'm a technical co-founder of 2 products. RetroNet and ShareFinder. One ran out of cash it raised and is in limbo. It generates some revenue from sales of hardware that we developed , but not what we hoped for. The other is doing fairly well so far. Over the course of about 12 years in the...
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    Windows Server 2012 R2 License
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    Some Advice needed (Support -> Dev)

    This may not be what you want to hear ... but.... The problem with bootcamps is they generally do not prepare you properly to code in a commercial environment. As such , hiring managers will shy away from candidates that have bootcamp experience towards those who have computer science degrees...