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    MTN South Africa's revenue falls because of Cell C roaming deal

    "and effects of the continued accounting for Cell C revenue on a cash basis " Sounds like they are concerned that Cell C may not pay them!
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    Sectional Title Estate's that use smart technology for utilities

    Completely agree. Reading a meter is a cheap thing done by unskilled labour. Don't know about you, but when I have a thing I'm paying R100,000 per month for as an estate (utilities), I'd rather think of trying to move that R100,000 rather focus on the R1000 to check it... People think of...
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    Cape Town prepaid electricity woes

    You don't get to choose... It's whoever supplies the area...
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    Sectional Title Estate's that use smart technology for utilities

    We do it... We run smart metering for hundreds of apartments, few estates, few malls. DM for more info. We do the metering, billing, even collections - more importantly we DO something with the information (from efficiency, leak/waste reduction, tariff optimisation, through to solar!) Water for...
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    Cape Town prepaid electricity woes

    The City of Cape Town directly. Else someone is paying someone to vend the tokens for you then paying you back... If you're a landlord, best thing is a meter and charge the tenants. Prepaid costs you / them money.
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    Geyser Timer

    Charging more per unit than being provided directly is not allowed, many landlords don't get this and need to be told...
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    Questions on very expensive prepaid electricity

    Perfectly fine as long as they dont charge you MORE than the municipality directly...
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    Geyser Timer

    Depends on your rate, but normally kettles are cheaper than gas. Quick google gave me: 48KG = R1108 = R23.1/KG...
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    How SA networks decide which towns get fibre

    My suburb is now getting a 2nd Fibre connection [was openserve, now octotel coming] :) Just saying!
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    How SA networks decide which towns get fibre

    Which is that? Century City :)
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    Geyser Timer

    Key to saving with a timer is to switch it off BEFORE you use the water. That way your water temperature drops, and the electricity doesn't kick in. More importantly still it stops people taking long showers as it starts getting colder! If you switch it off AFTER a shower, then you are unlikely...
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    How much it costs to build and host a website in South Africa

    If you care about costs, you should host sites by doing this... Static website, using client-side javascript for the dynamic parts... (okay, yes you do need to host those parts...)
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    Inverter Beeping all the time

    Hes running an old polo at 200mph going down hill and its vibrating terribly... Someone of us are telling him to slow down before his tyres burst, others are saying just let go of the steering wheel if the vibration is annoying you. Reason kitchen might work is because maybe thats NOT on the UPS :)
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    Router Battery Backup

    Ah, it's active is it :( that's unfortunate... Was hoping to use the PoE port (and some cable splicing) to get 19V out!
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    Uber Eats is hurting restaurants in South Africa, say owners

    Dont think so. The restaurant gets (if uber decide to pay... See article...) the total minus 30%. Restaurants generally therefore increase their prices by 10-20% on the app. So its 120% x 70% = 84% of normal for restaurant... 110% x 70% = 77% so 23% off. These restaurants need to stop...