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    Samsung A70 Cable

    Get a car charger that has a Type C port.
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    Festival of Motoring ... are you going?

    Didnt someone total a Ferrari 458 here on Friday?
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    Female run offices...

    Ive called out mushroom for his trollspeak wishing he would just drop it but to no avail. I think i made a thread years back asking mybb to ban him.
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    Does the FNB app work with the lineageOS ROM?

    Can anyone confirm if you can add an MS Exchange account to lineageOS natively (not using gmail, just the built in mail app)?
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    Is there such a thing as chinese high spec android tablets?

    SA is flooded with either cheap junk or top end tablets, there is no in between. Your best option is to import the Huawei MediaPad M6 10.8, specs seem good and has all that you asked.
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    Fibre Help

    Afrihost is my top pick.
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    Giving Google the middle finger

    You can get a iPhone 7 secondhand for as little as R4500 if you really need to.
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    All adsl soon to be discontinued?

    Whats next, congestion on fibre, stealing fibre equipment?
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    AMD A9-9425 vs Intel Core i5-7200U

    @Del Piero 10
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    Blacklist stolen phone

    Refer to post 10
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Are you sure? Then why have i had the same external IP for over a year and a half?
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    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    Is the car a frenchie?