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    UPS Uptime calculation

    Did you already buy it?
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    UPS Uptime calculation

    I went according to my 2000VA Eaton datasheet, it says 100w has a runtime of 1Hour. But then again you are comparing 0.6A to 8A which is what the OP will use.
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    UPS Uptime calculation

    It depends on the capacity of the batteries in the UPS. I would rather recommend a 2400W inverter with a 2x 100AH batteries, that could last 24-36 hours without damaging the batteries. A normal 2000W UPS would last about an hour. A UPS is not designed for long uptime, it's just so you can...
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    uniCenta POS - anyone using it?

    I'm no maths expert but it think your calculations are way off. Why add R value to % and then get a total in %? Lets take your R100, they charge 2.75% + R2.50. 2.75%*100 = R2.75 + R2.50 = R5.25 You would be paying them R5.25 per R100 transaction. R1,000,000 on a single transaction...
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    Stupid Huawei P20 screen dimming???

    @Huawei Lets see if they are still here.
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    Stupid Huawei P20 screen dimming???

    Sounds like this issue.
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    Bad Driving thread

    Ugh, gives me bad flashbacks, I hydro locked my engine in a flash flood last year, cracked 2 of the 3 pistons. Insurance didnt cover (long story), new sub assembly out of my own pocket. Car just isnt the same anymore, fking idiot I was. R35k in school fees.
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    These 44 roads in Ekurhuleni are getting a name change – what you need to know

    Can't the public appeal this? Looks like a job for OUTA. Also, they should just rename SA to Dumbfuckistan.
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    Pietermaritzburg homeowner charged with murder of a suspected intruder

    The kak issue with this warning shot BS is that if they are unarmed and flee they could come back with and armed group and they might have more info about the house due to one of them being inside it. IE where the master bedroom is, how many people are there, etc.
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    SABC TV licence alternatives on the table

    Just let Multichoice buy SABC FFS. I'm tired of hearing about the SABC.
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    Smartphone battery life on 3G, 4G, and 5G tested

    What about 2G with WiFi?
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    Pietermaritzburg homeowner charged with murder of a suspected intruder

    What if I put up signs that reads "Trespassers will be shot on sight" in all African languages. Court cant say sh*t.