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    2019 Insights Survey - Win R5,000

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    What are some good quality pillows?

    I got mine from Tafelberg Furnishers... Their webiste doesnt list them, but i did try like 10 pillows there before i bought my current one, which i do need to replace. Memory foam core/ inner with a soft puffy outer, gives the best firmness and softness plus support looked at takealot, maybe...
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    New Giveaway – Win Great Prizes

    Water. In the tough growing conditions of the Middle East, this essential resource is in short supply. For farmers with depleted ground reserves, new methods need to be found to grow more food with less water
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    What are some good quality pillows?

    Memeory foam pillows combo (some other material). Expenisve but enjoy the confort and they regain their shape, supporting neck
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    New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Retail and Microsoft AI The marketplace is constantly changing, and one size no longer fits all. But by combining your data with AI, you can transform your entire customer journey. Whether that’s delivering more personalized experiences to analyse individual customer behaviours and sentiments...
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    At BCX, we innovate for how people live, learn and work because we believe that digital innovation is key to how people experience the world. With the 4th Industrial Revolution, businesses face mounting pressure to innovate and evolve, and as businesses take on the challenge to innovate, they in...
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    In a research project at King Saud University in Riyadh, SABIC is working on the challenge of feeding a hungry world, starting with a specialty nutrient for the native crop and the difficult growing conditions of the Middle East
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    STEM Business Fibre - Prize giveaway

    True 1:1 Enterprise Fibre 200 Mbps for R8999.00 pm
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    FNB Global Account Card

    Does this card work in london? When people say chip and pin, meaning old school, no tap and goes, or not working at any terminals?
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    Vacuum cleaner - what to buy?

    Relatively cheap vacuum cleaner needed... Any recommendations??? Just got a cheapo Hoover off ebucks, cheapest Chinese plastic crap I've ever bought - sent it back. Bagless or bagged- prefer slightly lighter one - and one that does filter out dust okay - without too much schleep.
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    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    finally finished, thank you all for the hints