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    Electronic driver's licence coming to South Africa

    More tech, bigger bribes. Would have been better if they just increased the renewal period to 10 years for driver's license, and 5 years for vehicle license.
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    Fluorescent light bulb sales can be banned in South Africa if new regulations are adopted

    Can MyBB stop saying expert. You sound like the class pet, saying teacher said so, so you should listen. Use the person's job description.
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    The SA power grid is in trouble

    I mean, just let us use solar in our homes without taxing us or making us pay a premium rate for what we pull from the grid. In that same 5 year period, a good few of us may even be able to contribute back to the grid. I realize it's not a solution, in and of itself, but at the very least be...
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    Bad news about load-shedding in South Africa

    Does nobody in a position of influence have an original thought anymore. CSIR is only spewing out figures provided by Eskom. Shows a pattern and a nice graph. Wow. It must be true then. Here Eskom, hike the price, I will pay the extra. Stop the loadshedding. And suddenly, problem gone, graph...
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    MTN Business Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash - Enter here

    Sorry but how is this a fair deal in 2021? MyBB has a duty to point out shitty deals to the public. Or at the very least, convince MTN that such a deal is laughable to advertise on your esteemed platform. Make them come to the party with nothing under 120gb for that price.
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    South African stores to extend specials for Black Friday

    Thank you. Came here to say this.
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    Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    I think the article that interests me is Microsoft 365 Phishing attacks.Firstly I didn't know this was a thing. More of my clients are moving their solutions to the cloud and it pays to stay informed.
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    Vox pure dsl

    Yep, Vox first, Webafrica second (even with their poor customer service complaints), then Axxess, then everyone else. I am by no means a power user but anyway I used about 160gb for August on this 4mbps package. My highest usage for a single day was 22gb. I think that alone shows that this...
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    MS 365 Business Standard - HP Shop Online took my money but doesn't have stock

    Update: Crisis averted. Got hold of the manager now. They still insist Durban does not have stock, but they are shipping it from their Clearwater branch to me; waybill will be emailed shortly. Let's wait and see.
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    MS 365 Business Standard - HP Shop Online took my money but doesn't have stock

    The owner of the company insists on puchasing it. He was advised that they would not have the full feature set with the free version.
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    MS 365 Business Standard - HP Shop Online took my money but doesn't have stock

    Guys please help, as i dont know my rights in this situation. I placed order for this software on the 24th August. Paid and cleared the next day. It states 1 - 5 working days for delivery. By yesterday i had not recieved it, so I called and spoke to Stanley. He says the order wasnt put through...
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    Kodi plus torrents

    I use this subreddit to stay infomed....
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    [RELEASE] DStv Now KODI Add-on

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the Devs, and the members who assist on this thread. Add-on works flawlessly
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    Vox pure dsl

    Forgot to update: my pure DSL got activated on Monday. Very happy with it. Speed tests show about 3.6Mbps down on average, but no issues with streaming, torrents etc. @MoDesai: check if fibre is available in your area, or coming soon. In that case this service won't be available in your area...
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    Vox pure dsl

    Gage says this problem must be handled by Sales, as it's showing on the system as being in the quote phase. Useless.