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    South African Fibre-to-the-Home Survey – Win prizes worth R10,000

    Ramsgate, KZN S Coast is fairly small and rather long and thin, but it is upmarket by local standards and there are businesses there as well as individuals - for e.g. my friend a professional programmer, one of the few in the area = need fibre.
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    Telkom client billed for 2 years after cancelling account

    I retired in June last year. I had three Telkom lines, 442, 327 and 880. I had cancelled the 327 line several months before, it was acknowledged and disconnected. Knowing Telkom, when I cancelled the other two I ensured that I had paper evidence of cancellation. I also checked that the...
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    Please Rate Vox

    Vox is an odd ISP. Technical good, admin terrible. Fibre: Internet and fibre phone in Jhbg: The signal and VOIP are constant, (unlike Mweb whom I left when my 5 MB/s fibre was repeatedly in the KB/s range), But to get it I had to put up with with often bad, unintelligent and uninterested...
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    What to do when Telkom won’t cancel your line

    I did with Telkom at FNB, and it worked, but they charged me. Telkom then started dunning me for debt for the imaginary line, and I've been at it for six repeat six months. When I feel stronger I'll list the events.