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    Musicians' thread.

    I'd take the new PRS SE Hollowbody/Hollowbody II as my hollow/semi-hollow over the rest any day. Pity we don't yet have them here!!!
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    Musicians' thread.

    I have a PRS SE 245 (amongst others, including a SE Custom 24) and it is by far my favourite guitar!
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    R1-billion business fund suspends applications following massive demand

    That's why you should continue. It sounds like most didn't/couldn't have abided by the rules.
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    Big SA Post Office ecommerce platform coming soon

    It's Postal California, your parcels get checked in but they can never leave.
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    We tested the new Apple TV app

    Looks like spotify has recently release an atv app: source
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    Great software which makes your life much easier

    Bias FX, Bias AMP 2, Garageband and Youtube pemium for a truly mobile workflow.
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    Inmates should make furniture for ministers: Lamola

    It's the "Cabinets for Cabinet" program.
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    Makate did not invent anything and his idea was not technically possible – Ari Kahn

    Of course, the fact that the government was a major stakeholder in VDC at the time, thus not WMC at all, is completely overlooked by these morons.
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    Epub and pdf Magazines

    LOL, +1