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    Eskom wants to stop 4-hour load-shedding in Johannesburg

    I'm not certain if the change to 2 hours would work. If I recall, the reason it was changed to 4 hours was because the substations could not handle the constant switching on/off. Our substation is already bad. Like, clockwork after loadshedding, CityPower needs to send their technicians out to...
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    Eskom wants to stop 4-hour load-shedding in Johannesburg

    Bromhof/Boskruin 6B normally has 6-8 hours of loadshedding. 4.5 hours + another 1.5-3.5 hours for CityPower to get the grid back up.
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    Stage 2 loadshedding from today until... 11pm Monday

    We will be loadshed from 12:00 Friday, until sometime on Sunday, because it takes CityPower 2 days to get our power back after loadshedding.
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    Six months free Amazon Prime for Vodacom users

    I tried Prime for a few months and their app needs serious work though. Really difficult to find interesting/new things that we would want to watch. Had to scroll through hundreds of bollywood stuff, that we have no interest in.
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    LG 34WK650-W34 WFHD

    I have one .. its amazing - most games work at 2560x1080 /end thread EDIT: I got it from Takealot, but now their prices have jumped R2.5k+which is R3k more than competitors.
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    Takealot, 10 days to ship goods in stock in Jhb

    It all depends on their suppliers as well. Some items will state when it will ship and from which supplier the item it being sourced. Before adding to cart, look at the section "Ships in x to y work days" and a link to the supplier.
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    Anyone know anyone at Raru?

    Lol, good luck in getting your Refund.. They keep telling me "next week", "next week", "next week". Pathetic service. I will never use them again, no matter how well they try "sweet talk" me.
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    Raru site delivery

    I bought and paid for some items, but the order will only be delivered in June. I have since requested for a refund, but they are not answering my emails or their phone lines.
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    The massive debt problem facing middle class South Africans in 2020

    I "Up" graded from a BMW 3 Series to a VW UP! I thought it would be challenging, but I can do all the things I normally could, but with more cash in my pocket.
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    The top 3 TVs you can buy in South Africa right now

    Stupid click bait article.
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    Nokia 1 Plus unveiled

    Nokia, finally doing things right. I must say, I absolutely love my Nokia 7 Plus.
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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    I just want to clarify something here. The techy I spoke to (Please call me), really took his time to assist me. We probably spent a good 1 hour+ trying to figure out what the problem was. 1) He asked that I connect a device directly on to the CPE - we discovered that the service was running...
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    Showmax last night, what gives?

    Same issue here and experienced it also with DSTV Now. Switched to Netflix for the remainder of the evening.
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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    Thanks for the reply. I eventually got it sorted. Seems like the only way to get support from Afrihost is to ask them to call you instead.
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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    I decided to upgrade my line and someone told me its quick to do. I needed faster upload speed as I have a project to upload this weekend, so I upgraded my line to 50Mbps+ (50/50). It mentioned that it would automatically upgrade at midnight. Next morning I tried speed test, , but I'm still...