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    The massive debt problem facing middle class South Africans in 2020

    I "Up" graded from a BMW 3 Series to a VW UP! I thought it would be challenging, but I can do all the things I normally could, but with more cash in my pocket.
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    The top 3 TVs you can buy in South Africa right now

    Stupid click bait article.
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    Nokia 1 Plus unveiled

    Nokia, finally doing things right. I must say, I absolutely love my Nokia 7 Plus.
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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    I just want to clarify something here. The techy I spoke to (Please call me), really took his time to assist me. We probably spent a good 1 hour+ trying to figure out what the problem was. 1) He asked that I connect a device directly on to the CPE - we discovered that the service was running...
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    Showmax last night, what gives?

    Same issue here and experienced it also with DSTV Now. Switched to Netflix for the remainder of the evening.
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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    Thanks for the reply. I eventually got it sorted. Seems like the only way to get support from Afrihost is to ask them to call you instead.
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    Afrihost/Vumatel Speed Upgrade - Terrible support service

    I decided to upgrade my line and someone told me its quick to do. I needed faster upload speed as I have a project to upload this weekend, so I upgraded my line to 50Mbps+ (50/50). It mentioned that it would automatically upgrade at midnight. Next morning I tried speed test, , but I'm still...
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    DStv and Showmax password sharing is not a problem

    I haven't watched DSTV for some time and during the December holidays (at the resort), while having some time to waste, I watched a few channels. There were so many ads ... and whats even weirder was the fact that most ads were about either advertising DSTV or other shows/programs. I eventually...
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    Makro Cyber Monday sale - Hundreds of unbelievable tech deals

    Do your research, people. i just found some "great specials" that had their RRP increased to rediculous levels so that it appears you get 60% off, but I found the same product not on special for lower that the "sale" price. Black Friday / Cyber Monday is a farce in this country.