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    Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter's impressive performance

    People also forget the difference between TPL, TFR & TNPA. All with their own challenges, but most are heading in the right direction.
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    Post Office signs deal to improve online shopping deliveries in South Africa

    Problem lies in them having the operational capabilities / knowledge / experience to pull this off... Very easy (& attractive) for a Board to sign off on, but getting it done right is a whole other story. This will be a massive failure no doubt.
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    Kia Sonet - ludicrous pricing, what a rip off (IMHO)

    Just like how you cannot buy the base model Polo in SA. It technically doesn't exist, besides being on the pricelist. Always have to include extra's to get an actual 'car'.
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    What to invest in? #Diversification

    All depends on your appetite for risk, your time horizon, and what you intentions when it comes to entering / exiting the market. You need to come to an understanding on those fundamentals first. That will then determine how you diversify your portfolio.
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Completely agree. Sometimes though you don't have any option. With the growth they've experienced over the past 12 months, you can imagine their Customer Service demands have compounded exponentially. Clearly taking time for them to scale up.
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Just see it (Twitter) as a method to be able to get feedback to your query? No need to follow anyone else, or use the platform for any other reason. Hell, even register with the most obscure personal details.
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Reach out to Mr Savage on Twitter. You'll get a response in no time.
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    Amazon Shipping to South Africa

    Interesting. Wonder if Amazon just absorbs the cost for any random inspections? (considering how infrequent they are). Otherwise that is certainly well done on their part in negotiating that concession from Customs.
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    Amazon Shipping to South Africa

    Customs can stop any item for inspection, and it is the Consignee's (your) responsibility to pay the inspection fee. It is done at random so consider yourself unlucky. Also, cargo can be drawn (collected by the Freight Forwarder) from the airport without completing all the necessary import...
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    Pet Insurance

    With Medipet on their top plan, couldn't be happier. Within 4 months, our pup had a 24k 3-day stay at the vet, no questions asked, paid out. Now nearly a year later, we have claimed nearly 40k in total with never once them asking questions, nor not paying out within 10 days.
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    NEW - ONE-DAY Giveaway - R1,000 up for grabs for one lucky winner

    Pay for that expected/unexpected medical expense.
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    Clarification on driver's licence expiry periods

    Yep, I know. Just saying that the cashier wouldn't process the payment for his license renewal without him first paying up for the fine.
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    Clarification on driver's licence expiry periods

    If your in Joburg, use these guys to get an appointment, took just 3 days. They ask which licensing centres you are willing to travel to. I recommend Wynberg as my partner took just an hour there. Avoid Randburg like the plague. I was there for 4 hours...
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    "Panic button" for elderly person

    Get a Namola 'Panic Tracker'. Emergency services can call you through the device. No need for a cellphone.