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    Things that please you...

    Ah yes, that takes me back to that faithful Friday back in March 2020. We had a compulsory company wide 3pm meeting on Zoom and I was signing all the paper work for my new car. You see, March is normally bonus month. Things ran a little late at the dealership and 3pm was nearing, so I installed...
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    Music - Part 2

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    Rain sucks

    I would still be OK with that if I could still have Pay as you use. But no. Can't have that.
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    Car starting to consume oil at a faster rate

    Valve seals are kief when they go. My first Astra's valve seals started to go after about 200,000km round about when the head gasket was done. It was a real treat to coast downhill and then give it the beans - making a f....k tonne of smoke as it burned off all the oil that seeped in while...
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    DStv Flex - is it what you've been waiting for?

    Too little, too late. I think by about 15 years. Maybe more.
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    Staysafe SMSs

    So I got another of these after my 2nd shot yesterday : "Hi, common symptoms after vaccination include pain, swelling and redness at injection site, fever, chills, tiredness and other flu-like symptoms. These symptoms usually last 1-2 days. If you are concerned about these symptoms, or any...
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    Music - Part 2

    I actually taped this off the TV along with a few songs they played on NJR (No Jacket Required). The early 90s was a good time from where I am sitting now. First time I saw this was on a tiny 36cm B&W TV at our holiday house. I like that. How a song can make you time travel while still being...
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    Music - Part 2

    I recall seeing the Fast Forward episode (Friday afternoons hosted by Alex Jay) when they were touring SA. I was in standard 3 and one girl in my class was so crazy about these guys she had every collectable sold (including a duvet set - WTF). 1992.... crazy times. I have since bought all...
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    COVID-19 memes (including @Coronachan)

    I want to take these antivaxxers to the ASA, got the 2nd jab, still no 5G on my phone. This China lab flu is weak sauce..
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    Car starting to consume oil at a faster rate

    Pappie, ek trap 7 soorte kàk uit daai kar, dit hou nie lank nie. As ek onder 10l/100km bly is dit 'n krismis miracle.
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    Music - Part 2

    Some pretty cool George Bush and Margaret Thatcher sound bites at the end. Since there is no official video this one is one of my favourites for the song.
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    Yeah, it looks a lot better from that side when I remote in and do a speed test. Maybe just no love between Afrihost and Axxess ? Edit : Oh, that ping was done from a work production box in Dublin.
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    AMD Mini PC / HTPC (8GB DDR4 - 256GB M.2 SSD - 4 core APU) - Sale

    Price drop : R3000 (R2500 without SSD)
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    This is on Axxess MTN fixed LTE : C:\Users\TEMP.PRODUCTION.001>ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=199ms TTL=31 Reply from bytes=32 time=182ms TTL=31 Reply from bytes=32...