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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Yip i bought for the first time from amazon a month ago, i'm not on prime and everything was the same as you mentioned above. i did pay for expedited shipping but that was a waste because customs held it for three days for basically no reason. All in all i got my package in a week even after the...
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    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    i cant even get WhatsApp on my "4G" its a joke, i'm on freeme 2gb
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    Whatsapp down for telkom mobile ?

    swapped back to Telkom now from mtn and as if by magic its working again lets see how long it lasts this time
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    Whatsapp down for telkom mobile ?

    ok its me again and guess what … i got 4g signal but i cant send or receive WhatsApp messages :( i don't know wtf is going on at Telkom but this is becoming a pain, this 4g is a lie its always slow or doesn't work at all. I'm definitely not keeping this contract when its due - the only good...
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    Weekend getaway (Durban)

    Zimbali is pricey, usually around R5k per room per night. I could be mistaken though its been a while since i looked up their prices.
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    OnePlus 7

    from where ? awesome price o_O
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    Cannot stop content services

    also try:
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    Android TV Box

    i wont suggest the mygica - dstv doesn't work natively. I got the nividia shield recently and its pretty awesome, i'm still loading stuff and trying it out but so far so good. I've got the plex setup with my main pc as the server and i can stream directly from that. the voice controls are...
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    Whatsapp down for telkom mobile ?

    Funny thing is - they guy next to me at work got a new P30 pro at work through Telkom and he has full signal and no probs with WhatsApp so yeah i'm super confused. i even reset the apn etc but nada. i have a Oneplus 5 if that makes any difference
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    Nvidia Shield Tv - Any tips/tricks must have apps etc ?

    Hi Recently got a Nvidia Shield mainly to stream content from my pc and maybe some games (not priority thought). Can anyone recommend some must have apps/games plus links etc Also i wanted to side load some apps off my ext hard drive - all indications were that ES File explorer was the best...
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    Whatsapp down for telkom mobile ?

    Anyone else having issues with Telkom mobile and WhatsApp ? As i post this my message eventually went through but it failed like 4 times. I've been switching between mtn and Telkom and that's how it figured it must be a Telkom issue because it works fine on mtn. Don't know whats going on at...
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    Mazda CX-5 or Kia Sportage?

    Thanks, If that's the case then OP maybe consider the Tuscon ? IIRC the Tucson and Kia are basically the same SUV other than the looks of course. I stand to be corrected though, from what i remember the slight differences were that the Hyundai comes standard with 18 inch tyres and the roof...
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    Mazda CX-5 or Kia Sportage?

    aren't Kia's 7 year warranties now ?
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    Huawei GT Watch Claim

    is the GT watch claim over ? my friend just received his P30 pro now but we cant find the link for the GT claim. bloody useless Telkom messed up his application due to his fibre upgrade and thus delayed his approval by a week or two :(
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    Local Switch homebrew community/forum etc ?

    oh i forgot to mention the whole fat32 saga lol i had to download a tool to help format my card into fat32. you could just use the normal exfat 32 but my switch didn't like that - it wanted an update so i just went with fat 32 which after some research seems to be the best fit.