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    Huawei EMUI 10 / Android 10 local release.

    EMUI 10 Update schedule for Africa.
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    Ford Dealerships for Service in JHB

    Hi Guys. My Ford Focus is out of motor plan and I need to find a reliable ford dealership to take my car in for a service. I've had terrible service from Ford Fury Woodmead. Most Ford dealerships have terrible reviews in Joburg and the only other recommend ford mechanic is Coachmans in...
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    Best independent Mechanics

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a reliable Ford mech in the JHB north area. Any recommendations?
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    Reliable Ford Mechanic in JHB

    Hi Guys, Any recommendations for a reliable ford mechanic in JHB for services, tuning and general car issues? Thanks.
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    What car to buy? budget is R170-180k

    Hey guys I'm in the market to buy a new / second hand car. This would be my first car that I'm buying. My budget is around R170-180k. I do a lot of mileage in a day roughly 90km per day and I do stay quite far from work so fuel economy is a major factor for me. On the other hand I do love my...