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    Samsung #GalaxyFan competition - Great prizes up for grabs!

    Biggest fan, end of! Been there since the S2 and now on S21. #GalaxyFan and #GalaxyS21FE
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    Outlook 2016 woes

    i wish it was that simple mate
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    Outlook 2016 woes

    Waslayer - Yes I removed them myself for the example... but they too have no email address. As for the domain thing its a single domain but I'llconfirm more info tomorrow. The Voice - no, its for all email. EDIT: To clarify, when I receive their email its all A OK 100% but when I reply they...
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    Outlook 2016 woes

    Are you saying it only shows names of people replied to and not their email addresses? Correct yes, I'll try upload an image shorty to illustrate the problem
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    Outlook 2016 woes

    Hi all, I received a call from a client earlier saying that his Outlook is acting up and I'm stumped if I can find a solution as yet, hence I'm turning to you trusty lot for guidence. The same problem is replicated across all devices connected to the Office 365 Home and Business account (up to...
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 22ms Download: 19.67Mbps Upload: 1.9Mbps Vox 4/5