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    Eskom seeks big electricity price increase

    Cut your staff by 66% and you can increase my electricity price by 33%. I'm happy to pay for what is needed, but I'm not happy to throw money into a bottomless pit just so some lazy middle managers who do absolutely nothing can keep their overpaid jobs.
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    Eskom stops investigation into massive looting because it “ran out of money”

    I wonder if Bowmans were to offer their services for free if Eskom would let them continue the investigation, or if they would find another excuse.
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    Eskom not allowed to cut power of municipality which did not pay its bills

    If the opposition parties ever get enough control in parliament, they should try to get a law passed that punishes parties for failing to govern correctly. If a municipality fails to pay its bills, the current mayor and other heads are barred from being re-elected in the next municipal...
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    The carpet-bombing DDoS attack which affected Cool Ideas

    Could be as simple as someone on the Cool Ideas network did something in an online game which another player didn't like and decided to retaliate by hiring a botnet to knock him offline by targetting the whole ISP. Doesn't have to be a crazy conspiracy theory of someone attacking the ISP...
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    The most popular TV shows in SA

    I was just thinking if they used encrypted digital tv boxes, and then charged R1 for pay-per-view for those soapies, they could rake in R750m per month just for the SABC 1 top 3 shows. Throw in some sport and maybe a movie or 2 at R5, and you are soon getting R1bn in revenue a month for just 1...
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    Great tech deals from Takealot and Dion Wired

    Does anyone ever cross-check that these are "Great tech deals" before publishing the list? That Chromecast is on special at One Day Only for R719, and heck, even Takealot has it cheaper at R698. R999 is most certainly not a "great deal" ... I'm pretty sure that is the normal selling price.
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    Eskom shortlists three CEO candidates

    Not knowing the 3rd person, I agree Andy Calitz should be a shoo-in (thanks Grammarly!), and could actually make the final cut. But I don't know if he could actually last in the job. He is an Engineer and not a politician. He will look at Eskom very closely, run the numbers and scenarios...
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    Where you will get great Black Friday 2019 deals

    Last year I wrote a script that scraped the Takealot website once a day for the prices of items in categories I was interested in so see if there was any real price drops (or increases) worth getting excited about. This ran for about 2-3 weeks in the lead up to Black Friday. Come Takealots Black...
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    Concerns over “rookie” SAA plane inspectors

    The legacy of the ANC.
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    How to handle a South African cop asking you for a bribe

    "But after stressing this fact, we aren't going to tell you what the difference is. It doesn't matter though, because the distinction has absolutely no relevance to this article since it is illegal for both peace officers and police officers to request bribes."
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    1 and a half years for my Indiegogo order to arrive

    Foam earplugs never stayed in my ears and fell out during the night. I switched to using silicon ones which moulded to my ear and stayed put, but they don't do a very good job of blocking out low-frequency noises like loud snoring right next to your head. Since the QuietOns were specifically...
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    1 and a half years for my Indiegogo order to arrive

    I also backed this campaign and was concerned about them using SAPO instead of courier, so I'm glad to hear this. I received notice the other day that my order is ready to ship. But much like the author, my need for these has been significantly reduced over the last 1.5 years. The comments of...
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    Chinese ambassador to South Africa attacks Trump

    Trump has a reputation for being a racist misogynist man-child. Damaging that would be an improvement by normal reputational standards.
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    Best fibre packages for Netflix in South Africa

    I've never really paid attention to the cost of OpenServe fibre, but damn they are expensive. For roughly the same price as a 40/20 Mbps line you can get a 100/100 on FrogFoot. R100 more gets you a 200/200 line... Glad I am soon getting away from the clutches of Telkom/OpenServe and their...