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    Here are South Africa's tech companies which pay the highest salaries

    To work out the average annual wage bill for the company, would I be wrong to take the number of employees and multiply it by the average employee salary. ie. Eskom spend over R36 BILLION on salaries every year?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    I've also been having really bad international speeds for a while now. Local is fine and I get my full line speed most of the time, but international I'm seeing more like a 5% of advertised speed. It is not my local setup or my FNO (FrogFoot) since local is fine. Probably going to jump ship as...
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    SARB’s Kganyago injects some reality into the concept of ‘magic money’

    We also thought Gordhan had his head on the right way until he jumped on the "save SAA at all costs" bandwagon.
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    SABC planning to cut 600 jobs

    They should get Cloudy's old Choir to stand at the door and sing to those people who were retrenched as they walk through it for the last time. That should lift their spirits.
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    Telkom takes a big hit due to COVID-19

    These are their ANNUAL results ending 31st MARCH. We entered lock-down on 26 MARCH, and majority of people would have recieved their salaries and paid their bills for the month of March at that point. It was only April onwards that people were retrenched or took salary cuts. How is a small...
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    Moody's downgrades South Africa to junk status

    I read an article just after (or before?) the downgrade that said it could be a good thing. When we were investment grade, we were bottom of the pile and picked last in our investment category. Now that we are in a new bracket, we are top of the pile and picked first. It is like someone from the...
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    DStv loses more Premium subscribers

    A DStv satellite dish was blown off its mounting in our complex the other day. The dishes typically serve multiple units, but we don't know which ones. So far not a single person has tried to claim it or said their DStv is not working. The managing agent had to send out an email to everyone...
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    Tripartite alliance wants to use local pensions to fund economic growth

    I think you misunderstand Comrade. Cosatu and the ANC want the pension funds to sell the shares in the companies they don't own, and put the money into the shares of companies they do own. It is a lot easier to run away with other peoples money if they are forced to give it to you.
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    USB thumb drives sold for R7,000 each as "anti-5G devices"

    That is the really scary part. Someone sitting on an advisory comittee for the technology which this thing claims to block is also recommending them.
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    Most popular products on Takealot revealed

    By my calculations he only got 1 thing correct, the consoles.
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    All online shopping now allowed in South Africa

    Street vendors and Spaza shops are going to livid about the unfair competition!
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    2Africa - New 180Tbps submarine cable to connect South Africa to Europe

    It seems no matter how many cables we have, they always run the same route and break around the same time. I'm hoping that since this cable looks like it goes up the east coast as well, if a break happens on the west coast they can quickly route via the east coast so there is no down time. I...
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    South Africans baffled by bizarre lockdown clothing rules

    Next up: Regulation on what branding or slogan is allowed to be displayed on your clothing. Nothing critical of the ruling party is allowed to be displayed in public or worn on the body. Clothing that displays our glorious leaders image in a positive light will be tax exempt.
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    Rand may be set for rebound - Bloomberg

    "Hold my beer!" - ANC