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    Boost Rain Signal

    So, does this one work with a RAIN simcard?
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    Netflix and Fibre Speeds

    10Mbps is sufficient.
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    Impact of resignation on bonus

    Then it would probably be better to wait, if possible.
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    Law firm plans to sue Eskom directors for load-shedding

    Probably. But you would probably also need to prove loss of business, or loss of income as a direct result.
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    Someone tried to scam me... wtf

    And they still do it cause people still fall for it.
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    HUAWEI B315s LTE router discussion thread.

    A year ago, when Park@82 made that comment, it might have been R1500. But prices go up so you could pay more now.
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    Need a techie ? Call me.

    Yes, I know ;) One of my personal favorite jokes: I worked as a helpdesk agent at an ISP in 2000. I too my own Linux box to the office store some games on the LAN, and then proceeded copying the games to some of the PC's. So one of the other agents turn around and ask "how do you copy stuff...
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    Need a techie ? Call me.

    his yardstick was quantity, no quality. Though in this game, quality comes with many year's experience as well.
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    Free Huawei watch GT when pre-order

    Ok so I finally got the watch. Not bad at all ;)
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    Who use Momentum Insurance?

    Thanx for the input guys, will give it some thought
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    Need a techie ? Call me.

    Only 8 years? I have 20+ year's experience. Rather call me ;)
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    Who use Momentum Insurance?

    Interestingly I had a claim with them recently with not so good an outcome and been with them for, I think, 6 years. So the loyalty thing doesn't always work that well.
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    Who use Momentum Insurance?

    Sure, but I don't think there's much difference with Miway either. The thing is I don't see why I should pay R350/m extra for the exact same stuff. They tell me my cars' replacement parts are more expensive since they got older. Perhaps it's true, though I know it's not really the case. Momentum...
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    Who use Momentum Insurance?

    Was it a payout, or replacement?