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    DJI Launches Mavic Air 2

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    Rain Tower Location: PM me your Cell ID's

    Hi, Can you please give me the info for CELL_ID: 0119868-001
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    Are you getting paid a full salary during the lockdown?

    Running my own business in the IT sector,mainly as consultant and IT support, our cash flow is completely halted by clients who have had to shut their doors.
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    Momentum Multiply (Active Dayz)

    Has anyone done their 2020 multiply fitness assessment yet? I find the new "rules", or milestones to be very tough on the majority of the population.
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    convert HTML file to PDF on PHP 7.3

    Great, thanx. Will look into it.
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    convert HTML file to PDF on PHP 7.3

    Hi, What can I use, which is fairly recent, to convert an HTML file to PDF on PHP 7.3? I see there's libraries like mPDF ,FPDF, etc, but they're all outdated by 2 years or more.
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Echo Dot and a Google Chromecast

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Aura Glow Sim card details not available Stock available online Device Cost: R0 PMx24 Red Value + 800 mins Unlimited SMSs 2 GB data Plan Cost: R1399 PMx24 The S Pen seems like a great feature: S Pen Air Actions: S Pen is Now Your Remote Control
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    Resellers: Would you rather pay extra for cPanel or go with a cheaper alternative?

    So, apart from DirectAdmin, which other control panel do people prefer to use?
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    Boost Rain Signal

    So, does this one work with a RAIN simcard?
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    Netflix and Fibre Speeds

    10Mbps is sufficient.