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    Mbalula out to rid the streets of unroadworthy taxis

    Good idea. And naturally they will be fined for orginally using said unroadworthy vehicle on a public road. And any outstanding fines will be deducted from the R120K payable. Oh wait what? No!? So just a R120K payment then? Noice!
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    Epic deals at Dion Wired Fourways Sale

    Air Quote: EPIC
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    New Giveaway - Enter now to win great prizes

    Single management dashboard for easier operations. Like Quote
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    State capture inquiry begins

    And even more shockinger was a recording of him saying a bad word.
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    Partial Service History

    If you take an extended warranty at extra cost - be weary of them repudiating any future claims because of said missed service.
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    Today I got divorced... any questions?

    She open minded? Open to PM'ing pics of the hard to please Damsel. I jest. Stay the course. It gets better and easier.
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    Vanderbijlpark woman pepper sprayed while breastfeeding

    JOHANNESBURG - A Vanderbijlpark woman was pepper-sprayed in her own car as she breastfed her baby this week. She said a fellow motorist was angry about the way she parked and yelled racial epithets at her before spraying pepper spray into the car. Itumeleng Tsoeu is still reeling from Monday’s...
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    If you had R3mil available - what would you do?

    3bar? I would buy Zimbabwe. I'd expect a decent deal for cash payment. Soon as I'm there and the legal owner... with the R800k change I'd buy a sports car and a mansion. Get rid of the current regime. Change to name of the place to something inviting. Change the county (as yet unnamed) policies...
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    Unrest, Rioting In Jhb

    Open boarders policy and They Terk Err Jerbs mentality seems to be a recipe for disaster.
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    Zimbabwe inflation rate soars to 175%

    Seeing how his country is deteriorating is probably why poor Mr Mugabe is so sick now. The anguish he feels seeing is fellow countrymen suffer has gotten to his core. :crying:
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

    Selected SMEs will stand a chance to participate in further development programmes.
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    nokia 7 plus no media sound

    Siri. What is Nokia?