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    Who else likes the word "nadir"?

    Mate hooked up with a really hot chick at the bar. He took her home and nadir.
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    Niki Lauda, Austrian Formula 1 legend, passed away at 70

    RIP :crying: Loved him in Rush. But his role in Inglorious Bastards was his best work.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger gets attacked in South Africa [Video]

    Arnie has spent so much time here and its always been upbeat and free of problems. With an assault under his belt at least now at least he can say he's had the true South African experience.
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    Julius Malema forced to deny he was “rushed to hospital” on Tuesday night

    Shame. I really hope the poor guy isn't sick. Would be a crying shame if he had something incurable.
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    Julius Malema forced to deny he was “rushed to hospital” on Tuesday night

    Julius Malema has vowed to carry on campaigning on Wednesday, after whispers about his ill-health spread like wildfire during his visit to Durban. When the rumour mill hits overdrive, it’s important to keep your wits about you. It seems a number of South Africans were roped in hook, line and...
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    MyBB 13 April 2019 meet (JHB)

    Looks like we missed a blast. Some new faces. GregORGY are you getting younger by the year??
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    MyBB 13 April 2019 meet (JHB)

    SO and I both working. Wont be able to make it. Raise a glass for fallen comrade Fanie please. Enjoy y'all.
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    Where to get my speakers installed in Cape Town??

    If he hasn't found an installer in the last 7 years.
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    Did you just assume their gender? Oh you DID NOT!
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    I'd like to drink out of whose mug...

    EMAM and Anonamouse. 2 girls. 1 cup. Heaven.
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    How do you get smell of incense sticks out of laptop?

    +1 for rice. If you leave it in a bag of rice overnight - the rice will attract asians. The asians will notice the laptop smell and fix it for you.
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    (What Rouxenator thinks are) Funny Pictures Thread - Part 1

    Can you please Please PLEASE start listening to anything Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema collaborated on!