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    South Africa’s NHI will be introduced soon – whether you like it or not

    Just another lootbox for the cadres:rolleyes:
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    Musicians' thread.

    Cool. I'm not going to comment on the video itself. The 80's and 90's music is by far my favourite era of music. If I listen to the song without watching the video, I get a bit of a Skid Row, Whitesnake kind of vibe, which surprised me a little. It is a catchy tune, and everything sounds...
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    2019 Ford Focus - 4th Generation (incl ST)

    You're right, I noticed that as well. Very strange.
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    WATCH: Bloemfontein man wearing swastika armband in a Wimpy goes viral

    Ag my goeie fok, kan al die donnerse snowflakes nie net in die see in loop en verdrink nie?
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    2019 BMW 3 Series (G20)

    Over the weekend I saw, what I can only presume as a new 320 - it had some BMW franchise stickers on it, no plates. Dayum, it looks good:thumbsup:
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    2019 Ford Focus - 4th Generation (incl ST)

    I know - I spoke to the dealer principal in person. That's what he said. I doubt Ford would be so stupid though.
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    2019 Ford Focus - 4th Generation (incl ST)

    Spoke to a local Ford dealer over the weekend. He said they are not bringing in the new Focus at all - too expensive. How true that is, I have no idea.
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    Marine talks about his kills and stopping the hatred

    I personally know 3 Recce's that served in the late 80's. 2 I went to school with, and the other one was a couple of years older - didn't go to school with him, but our families were quite close. I will not mess with any of them.
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    Marine talks about his kills and stopping the hatred

    ^ "gorilla warfare", sure buddy. He can't even spell it correctly:rolleyes:
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    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

    Al wat ek kan se is: my fok, Steveo_O:confused::rolleyes:
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    DA MP Phumzile van Damme throws punch 'in self-defence', Waterfront probing 'race row'

    How did they get that surname? That is a very European surname..............
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    Durban blackout

    Someone tripped over a cable:rolleyes:
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    Durban blackout

    Some A1 feed into Durban or something like that has gone faulty - majority of Durban and surrounds are out.
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    Durban blackout

    Umhlanga, La Lucia, Westville, Kloof also out.