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    Cell C fixed-LTE is coming to an end - This is where users are going

    One can't help but to wonder how long Cell C will be able to operate going forward...
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    DStv cuts affordable Dstv Premium package with KykNET

    One day the ant WILL trip the elephant....
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    SARS' plans to deal with a tax revolt

    The problem is these people seemingly believe in 'all authority but no responsibility'..there are always two parties in any argument/wrong doing is one thing to collect Taxes, it is quite something else in how you spend it and/or misuse cannot help but wonder whether those who...
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    Telkom fibre nightmare

    Good question that...
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    When Telkom switches off ADSL, this will happen

    That be the truth unfortunately...
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    The SABC owes me R16 million for DStv deal – Motsoeneng

    How this gentleman got that job would be a good science project....I mean Wisky Tango Foxtrot?!
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    Telkom fibre nightmare

    They can't find the jack for that matter......
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    How the SA Post Office hired a convicted criminal

    No words other than Wisky-Tango-Foxtrot?!
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    Huawei on track to take down Samsung in South Africa

    Sumsang quality vs that of Huawei....nah, do not expect me to be a customer any time soon..
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    Why Openserve customers pay more for fibre in South Africa

    I have not changed to fibre even though the connecting point is virtually right outside my front door, doing some research at present. However, at this point I'm almost certain to go with OpenServe because they seem to have a very good infra structure with regards to service etc...I have them on...
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    Please Rate Axxess

    Changed Internet data from Telkom to Axxess a couple of years back and haven't looked back since...
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    Cell C in trouble – Insiders speak

    ''They added that the company has had many turnaround plans over the last decade'' cannot help but wonder how long will they be able to escape the bullet though..?
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    Eskom says no to skilled engineers and technicians

    'EKSDOM'....they simply don't seem to have common sense either...
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    SABC Day Zero can happen tomorrow if big companies want their money

    I find it hard to even sympathize with the SABC as they were in fact the 'authors of their own demise' as there is no such thing as all authority but no responsibility. Business rules are the same for everybody, you do not adhere to them you WILL fail, that's it!