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    Emigrating at 55 plus? Here’s what you need to know about tax

    Nothing new there. Just a thinly disguised advertorial for tax advisory services.
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    Hawks investigating claims that R41 quadrillion was stolen in South Africa

    I'd like to be a fly on the wall when SARB try to explain banking 101 to our boys in blue.
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    2021 MyBroadband Conference Giveaway - Win R5,000 cash

    Donna Mostert: Mustek is the distributor of Huawei products in South Africa
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    2021 MyBroadband Conference Giveaway - Win R5,000 cash

    Morgan Malyon: We provide a solution for the customer that is tailored for them onsite
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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    NAS as the ultimate media streamer Want to watch videos from computers, mobile devices, Apple TV, and Android TV without having to copy them between devices? Video Station streams videos to these devices. It also enriches your video collections with auto-downloaded posters, searches subtitles...
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    Synology NAS reviewers needed - You get to keep the device

    Happy to do a review. Have Mac, Windows and Linux boxes on the same network, and a streaming audio setup.
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    Nedbank Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs - Enter here

    Relationship banking Whether through your dedicated relationship banker or our 24/7 electronic self-service channels, you choose the most convenient way to deal with us. We are available to discuss specific banking needs for you, your business and your employees. Banking and Beyond™ Register...
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    Interactive Brokers - Deposit Funds

    SARB does allow that, if you have a good reason. You just have to get permission from SARB/your bank. However, IB won't convert Rand to anything else on their system. They allow FX trading in Rand, but converting a "real" Rand currency balance isn't allowed.
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    What is the best way to wire x4 12v batteries for 24v in series?

    Seriously, don't do that. Yes, I know that it's common practice. It's still dangerous. You're depending on the internal resistance of the batteries, and the resistance of the cables to control current flow. Bad idea.
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    What is the best way to wire x4 12v batteries for 24v in series?

    Do NOT, repeat not NOT, wire batteries in parallel as per your diagram. It's dangerous, and it won't work correctly. Small mismatches, differences in temperature between batteries mean that voltages will differ, and charge will flow from one set of paralleled batteries to other. That's why...
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    Eskom and Sasol must abide by emission limits, even if costs billions

    In fact it was. Sulphur scrubbers were a contractual requirement for the World Bank loan to build Medupi. But Eskom just blew off actually building them. Despite the contract, they just didn't put them in, then signed a new contract promising to put them in. Multiple times. They have now...