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    Smart outdoor security cameras in SA?

    Wont work for poe. The splitter is basically like a mini dumb switch
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    Asus RT-AX88U vs UniFi 6 LR

    The general comparison between the brands (not specific models) is that ubiquiti gives better coverage as ubiquiti aims at larger industrial areas. So coverage wise the unifi is going to win all the time. As for feature wise, depending on your needs there are times when the Asus is aimed more...
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    Xiaomi AX1800 or AC2350

    Personally no experience with the ax1800 and probably biased towards mikrotik. So I would probably take the mikrotik and run unifi Ap's (like current setup) or add a different mesh setup for wireless. It depends highly on what you plan on doing with the router. If you know your way around...
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    What will happen on Sunday?

    I've spent quite a bit of time in hospital over the last few months. Seen more drunk emergencies than any other type.
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    Xiaomi AX1800 or AC2350

    I have a ac2 running off a 12v backup with no issues. As for wifi, I dont rely on the mikrotik for it and got different AP's. Plenty of options based on needs and budget.
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    [Wanted] UniFi AP AC LR | 802.11ac Long Range Access Point

    Unfortunately none. Even when they do become available theres such a long waiting list for these that I cant keep track anymore
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    Do you think pit bulls are unfairly treated?

    The cutest... look at this face!!
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    Does a ban on booze help?

    I honestly thought that pro (bottle store) outweighed the con (loss of freedom) for a minute.
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    What will happen on Sunday?

    Thanks man, luckily it's not too serious this time. However during my stay in May there was quite a few patients who had to go through terrible experiences due to staff shortages caused by "emergencies ".
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    What will happen on Sunday?

    I hope the ban stays at least another week. I was rushed to hospital yesterday and thank goodness it wasn't filled with alcohol fueled injuries so that I could get attended to quickly and effortlessly. I also have to be operated on again next week and things just go so much better when the...
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    How do I get Wi-Fi / ethernet to a house 2 houses down?

    I would ask the house in the middle to chip in with the bill,run a cable and fit a switch at their place and from the switch run another cable to your dad's place. Under 100m cable runs. Everyone wins. Maybe charge them something like R200 per month for a fast internet connection. Otherwise you...
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    Can banks seize personal assets?

    This happens often especially with business owners. I remember back pre 2000 people used to run scams and then go "bankrupt" with everything in the wifes name. My dad used to lose alot of money because people doing this. Owner of business buys 1mil supplies on credit and would sell at a profit...
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    Do you own hamsters?

    Hamsters are awesome. Got 2 as a kid... few months later we had 8 cages and at one point around 50 hamsters at the same time.
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    Mini DC UPS and LED Strip lights

    Yes, that's the battery protection. What I like about the sherlo unit is that its easily customizable... all you need to know is how to join some wires and you can make up different plugs which can just be added as you wish. Am I correct in thinking you have my number? If yes then pop me a...