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    Sub R3000 / cheaper phones

    Thoughts on this phone: ?
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    I'm looking at getting this one. Thoughts? EDIT: Sorry, copied the wrong link. This is the one:
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Hi. Yes, do you deal with cancellations? Or do I just do the cancellation after logging in to coolzone?
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Anyone know what the fibre cancellation penalty is on CoolIdeas? I signed up mid-Feb. They gave me their standard crappy fibre route, which I will be very happy to give back to them. I'm gonna move to VOX. I've been with them with ADSL before, and they were just plain awesome.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    So, who do we switch to? I had heard great things about Cool Ideas when I decided to go with them. My experience so far is nowhere close to great. Who out there offers a decent service without insisting on traceroutes from wired connections.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Same here. Wynberg, Cape Town.
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    We tested Takealot's New Road pickup point

    I don't get it. Why not just have them deliver it to your home/business? What am I missing here?
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    Developer position at Amazon Web Services

    Regarding the Amazon Leadership Principles, I notice stuff like "Leaders... are right, a lot" is one of them, but "Leaders... have integrity" is not. Can we conclude that being right is more highly valued by Amazon than having integrity?
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    Eskom Prime – Protect yourself against load-shedding [April Fools]

    I knew there was something fishy about those names, but I don't know Zulu :(
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    Eskom Prime – Protect yourself against load-shedding [April Fools]

    Came to the forums to say this. +10.
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    Brand SA paid over R97,000 per month for web hosting which really cost R2,495 – CEO

    Absolutely. Also, the invoice has line items: Website Hosting - Additional Data,511.47 39 127.87 Excess Web Traffic,462.51 36 387.75 How do they explain these charges??
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    B618 as wireless wifi extender to tp link archer C20?

    I recently got fibre, and have the tp link archer c20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router with it. This is my source of interwebs. From my LTE days, I have the Huawei B618 (as well as B315), and was wondering if I could use one (or both) of them to increase the wifi range in my 2-story apartment...
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    Wifi Range Extender for TPLink AC750

    Remember yet?