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    Test your broadband speed – win R10,000 in prizes

    Wifi: 100mbps Bitco Fibre home
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    Ubiquiti Amplifi HD + mesh point

    Just updating to say this was sold a while ago.
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    Anyone used IRS Online shop? (Independent Retail Stores)

    Has anyone heard of or used this website for online purchase? - They are one of the only remaining stores with stock of a particular speaker I'm looking for, but I can't seem to verify them. Cheers
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    Ubiquiti Amplifi HD + mesh point

    Bump and price drop
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    Xbox One Remote (with headphone jack)

    Item: Xbox one controller (with headphone jack) Price: R800 Packaging: no Condition: Excellent (barely ever been used) Location: Cape Town (can also bring it to Joburg in early Jan) Reason: second controller that isn't being used
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    Ubiquiti Amplifi HD + mesh point

    Item: Ubiquiti Amplifi HD + mesh point (single) Age: 2 years Price: 3500 Packaging: Yes, original packaging Condition: Excellent Location: Sandton/JHB Reason: upgrade Shipping: Potentially, with escrow service Collection: yes
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    Importing apple products using MyUS

    Anyone had any issues ordering directly from the Apple store and using a package forwarding service? I hear they sometimes cancel orders to package forwarders.
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    Importing apple products using MyUS

    And what about laptops?
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    iPad Air 4 in SA

    When did yours arrive?
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    iPad Air 4 in SA

    Can't find the 256GB model in stock anywhere. Anyone know of someone/company still in stock?
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    Bitco FTTH NAT IP

    Confirmed with a friend who works there, for all GPON based FTTH, they are using NAT. And like you said, the only way to get a public IP is to pay the R50 for a static IP.
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    Importing apple products using MyUS

    Interesting that there was no duties. But yeah if it's going to be a minimal saving then probably not worth the hassle.
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    Importing apple products using MyUS

    Has anyone had experience with importing Apple products using a package forwarding service such as MyUS? From what I can see, duty on laptops is 0%, and for tablets/phones it's 7%. Then there is a 9% excise duty slapped on, and VAT of course. I'm interested to know whether this route is...
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    How to import from the US

    Does anyone have an idea what the import duties would be on and iPad and a Laptop?