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    Microsoft word

    Go to Upload your document to there. If its corrupt it will try and fix it.
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    Gyming And Supplements

    Let me quote bob - "Made me really week in the gym. Increased heart rate while working out. Felt like it was gonna pop. Made me sweat all the time. Couldn't keep clothes dry. And then there is the extreme muscle fatigue and cramping. Could barely do a half arsed workout before having to call it...
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    Dog Attack-Stare down vs Non-threatening body Language

    i dont have an answer for you. but my experience: running away will get you bit if its a dog that will actually go that far. many just bark but will never get to biting. they love that chase while biting at your legs and arms. walking away slowly doesnt seem to be any better. sure the dog...
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    UK fundi to retire on his Zulu war stash

    wont fund much of a retirement in the uk
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    Case withdrawn against mom who 'stole' R3.99 cheese roll at Pick n Pay

    When did cheese rolls get so expensive? I thought they were R1.5 - R2
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    Tekkie Town saleswoman forced to stand in store window with 'naughty corner' note

    Nope. Resigned and moved to the UK. I gave 2 months notice where they tried to guilt me into staying. Then they withheld my salary until the afternoon of my last day. And i only received my paycheck 5 minutes before leaving. It was all part of their strategy. Deduct a **** load of hours from my...
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    Tekkie Town saleswoman forced to stand in store window with 'naughty corner' note

    Ahh good ol Tekkie Town. Where you are forced into over time, just to have payroll steal the hours back. Hopefully things have changed for the better since the head office walk out.