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    Cheapest fibre deals by line speed in South Africa

    Be aware some of these prices are promotional. IE Some WebAfrica prices are valid only to the end of the year. Not a fair comparison.
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    Has the Vumatel +1 Lockdown Upgrade stopped?

    It's over on OpenServe too...
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    Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades

    Upgraded 07-05-2020 Fibre supplier: Openserve ISP: Vox Upload 100 from 40 Download: 50 from 20 Location: Umhlanga
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    Petrol price increases over the past decade

    Add the R/$ exchange rate, the $ price of oil and tax levies to add some context..
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    We tried out Samsung's epic 8K QLED TV

    Another way of wrapping your head around the mind-boggling level of detail is to think of 4K or UHD video, which comprises around 8.3 billion pixels being pushed 60 times per second to your TV. Now quadruple that figure to around 33.2 billion pixels being pushed out 60 times per second – that is...
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    Please Rate Vox

    Recently moved to Vox Fibre. Very happy with the value and service so far.
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    Please Rate Afrihost

    In the early days of ADSL they were great. Seldom had problems and the few experienced were sorted out promptly. Recently though the perception is not that great. Did not consider them for recent switch to Fibre.