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    The Brexit Thread

    Hahaha, brilliant. And very accurate. I don't think you'll see Chris about here though. Surely he hasn't got the brass neck to defend the absolute clusterfsck that this administration has become. Funny thing is though, as you know I'm in Scotland just now and today's news is about the massive...
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    iPhone 11 issue

    It's coming and going with the FNB app as you say, but it is a constant with Instagram and of course, it so happens this is her most used app :p Oh well, I'll keep nosing about, thanks for the reply. Good info.
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    iPhone 11 issue

    My wife has had an iPhone 11 for 5 months and has had a problem with it she has only just told me about. Basically some apps such as Instagram and her FNB banking app open and overlap into the status bar. It means for example that on Instagram she cannot see what she is typing because the first...
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    The Brexit Thread

    Here’s another of the lying baastards from earlier this year...
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    The Brexit Thread

    Yep, the chickens are coming home to roost /cough Vote in a bunch of self serving liars, what do you expect. Johnson has really outdone himself. We didn't think he could be any more inept than he was before, but wow, he has really gone off the scale now. I guess we'll need to see how the PM...
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    South Africans can now return to countries where they live

    If you book and they knock you back they will refund you. Sent you a PM.
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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    I use it pretty much every day. Great resource (which I’ve touted in here a few times [emoji6] )
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    British series, mini-series and dramas .....

    My wife loves this show. Nothing to do of course with her fancying the main guy Ant.
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    FNB Banking App on iPhone

    It sometimes takes a while to load (my home WiFi can be quite hit and miss), but opening it now and having a look around the app, it's pretty fast and working well.
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    Apple Watch eSim now available on Vodacom

    I have a physical dual sim iPhone 11 and was using this feature in Myanmar until last month and yes it is awesome. 2 things to note are, of the 4 networks available in Myanmar, I could only get 1 network to support the Vodacom sim as VoWiFi so had to manually select that network, and 2, it’s a...
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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    Ah, thanks. They were dropping an episode a week of season 5 in Myanmar when I was there last month and I just assumed they were all available here.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I hope you have a good stock of toilet paper :p
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    Best free-to-play games for lockdown gamers

    Your report says Gwent is free on Switch. I can't find it on mine, care to double check that?
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I read something last night through a Facebook ad that said Gwent was now free on several platforms, including Switch. I checked this morning on the Nintendo eStore and all that I can see is Thronebreaker for R290. I can't see the ad now, anyone else heard about this being free? Edit: I just...