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    Tell ICASA what you think about out-of-bundle usage and data expiry

    Stealing and screwing the consumer with no Vaseline. Nothing new from these shark sht providers. ICASA pull your dicks out of the providers asses and do something. Useless cadre's.
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    Eskom to implement load-shedding on Sunday

    Power Failure due to useless ahole comrades.
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    The Lottery and the missing minstrels museum

    S T O L E N. Like it should be.
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    South Africa’s land-policy plans a disaster for economy, says US secretary of state

    /hands out sandwiches made of sand. Which one would you like? Beach sand, nice and crunchie? Dust from Zimbabwe, fine and chalky taste? Karoo sand with some pebbles for garnish? The silly twats cannot see this coming. It's a reality in Zimbabwe.
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    Dischem store launches 'African beauty campaign' with blackface mannequin

    JC here we go again. Hopes for the end of the world.
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    Cyril Ramaphosa just gave MPs a 2.8% salary increase – but cabinet ministers get nothing

    Stealing, lying low down crap. Getting fatter by the second while the rest starve. Wake up ya stupid ANC voters.
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    $76 Million Needed to Stop East Africa's Worst Locust Outbreak in Decades From Spreading

    The homeless eating the hungry. Locusts? Humans? Shithole?
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    You can buy our new smartphones, we've got you covered – Huawei South Africa

    Why not just side load goofu apps? Still won't buy one until the clowns release the bootloader codes.
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    Surtie Inheritance scam?

    No payout on good information. The ANC has stolen all your money. And mine.
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    Tony Leon slams FW de Klerk Foundation for apartheid comment

    And that Twat Malema should also have his arse kicked.
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    Give parents the choice - R12,000 school voucher system in South Africa

    And where the hell is this money going to come from? The useless stealing corrupt ANC has got nothing left. The aholes have stolen everything.
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    Teacher at elite Cape Town girls' school faces disciplinary action for slapping girl

    Begging bowl being passed around again. Low life scum.
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    Cosatu's wants to use South Africans' pensions to fund Eskom – Here is the solution

    Crooks, thieves and twats. And still the idiotic no brain clown votes for them. Stupidity seems endemic to these aholes.