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    Which fibre ISP?

    Hey Guys, Mate of mine stays in PE. Sunridge Park. Fibre Just been laid past his place apparently done by frogfoot. Are they owned by VOX? Which ISP can he contact regarding getting fibre?
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    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Ive cracked mine I don't know how many times never replaced anything though. As long as it still works I'll use it. This screen is far to fragile to fix.
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    Any car sales people on here? Have a question about car trade value

    The estimated cost to repair by dealership will no doubt be higher than not only the cost to repair but also your excess. They will take this estimated cost off the book value of your vehicle. A vehicle will usually be trade less to spend. So if trade is R120k and they estimated R10k to spend...
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    My ADSL speed upgrade late?

    Hi There, My line is still running at 1Mb/s and has not been shifted to 2Mb/s. I am a bit surprised since a friend of mine who stays in same complex as me in East London HAS been upgraded to 2Mb/s. Yet I have not. But now I read the below link that the upgrades are planned to be finished on...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Frimware reinstall/recovery

    Hey Guys, Sorry if posting this in the incorrect are it seemed like the right place. A mate of mine recently got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet GT-N8000. I am not sure what he was trying to do but something went wrong. Something along the lines of installing a custom ROM. He...