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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12
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    LIVE | Apartheid flag judgment

    Something for you guys to get your rocks off : Elize is smoking Lekker man
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    LIVE | Apartheid flag judgment

    ooh look at the avatar, we have badass here. Dont mess with this guy
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    Watch: CNN's take on Land Expropriation Without Compensation

    fok you cant post CNN videos here. This is Fox news, Tucker Carlson, Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux territory. Plus add in David Icke as a bonus
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    WATCH: 'White South Africans' starts trending on Twitter after woman's comments about Hong Kong protests

    I think she is an avid reader of MyBB News and Current Affairs
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    Why young South Africans are leaving the country

    Havent they done an article like this already, I know they are eagerly looking for hits and 'die manne' will gleefully post here in these type of articles
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    The Rugby Championship 2019

    I know the All Flats are habitual rule breakers, but that red was a bit harsh
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    Good comedy movies recommandations

    One film I entirely forgot about is Tropic Thunder, that film I enjoyed
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    Movie Trailers Thread

    1917 - Official Trailer [HD]
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    SA unemployment rate jumps to 29%

    Vat hom fluffy. Show that keyboard who is boss
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    SA unemployment rate jumps to 29%

    I am sure he will be easily replaced, no loss.
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    Movie Trailers Thread

    Okay cast I guess :whistling:
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    SA unemployment rate jumps to 29%

    Pornhub is going to lose a lot of hits because of this thread. Lekker man
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    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part II

    Nah the cam version is for the true hipster :whistling: I thought 720p means the height of media must be 720 pixels
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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    Darn is it only coming out in December !!