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    Two-day giveaway - Win great prizes

    "Broadband Connect Wireless Lite Interim and Backup services available on Vodacom and 3rd party Networks" - 3rd party network backup options to add redundancy.
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    Test your mobile network speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Network: Telkom Mobile Location: Woodstock, Cape Town Download: 34.39Mbps Upload: 3.69 Mbps
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    I think you’re right, Dazzla. I didn’t realize my friend’s colleague (who I bought the phone from) was immigrating to NZ. In fact he’s already there now and not responding to my emails. The only information I could get is that it’s definitely Vodacom stock (thanks iStore), that it’s not stolen...
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    Apologies - typo in my previous post and edit has been made. It is model A1784, the international version that was correctly sold in SA.
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    This is something I considered, but the problems are: 1. If I take it to Vodacom they want the original invoice, which I don’t have (the original owner immigrated to NZ last week). 2. As the iStore help desk guy pointed out, they’ll be happy to book it in for repairs, but their technicians...
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    IMEI matches on box, in iPhone settings/about and on Vodacom/iStore’s systems. It is a legit SA stock, ICASA approved iPhone 7 Plus
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Fire TV and Branded Gear

    The infotainment system with Apple CarPlay would be amazing for my use! Also love the the styling that they’re calling “sculpted body with strong and sharp character lines deliver an athletic and poised stance”. Looks infinitely better than the podgy blobs that were previous Micras :laugh:
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    The most frustrating part about issues like this is finding someone at one of these networks/carriers who knows how the f*%# any of this works!! o_O So many opinions have been thrown at me by Voda/MTN/Cell C store employees about how it’s a SIM issue, then it’s an Apple issue and there must be...
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    When I went to Vodacom and MTN shops, they did this for me with a few different working SIM cards. Yes it does show all of the networks when I try to manually configure carrier (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom). IMEI checked with iStore Tygervalley yesterday and no issues found. In fact they...
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    Nope, not cut - original SIM’s that work in my iPhone SE and a Samsung S7 Edge. The instant you put in a Telkom or Cell C SIM it registers on the network and just works as it should. MTN and Vodacom it states “Searching” for about 10 secs and then “No Service”. Even though it makes zero sense...
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    The box (for what it’s worth) has the ICASA badge on it. On inspection (on the phone, in the About and on the box), it is the model A1785*, which as you surmised is the Global phone and only has compatibility issues with some US carriers. This is my understanding too... is there maybe a delay...
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    Apple iPhone 7 - Blacklisted? Network Lock? Huh?

    Hi guys, Bought an iPhone 7 Plus from a mutual friend, someone who I trust(ed) to not sell me stolen goods. Phone came all neat in the box, all accessories there, serial checked out fine and there’s no issues with iCloud. He even showed me the proof of purchase slip (1 yr old phone, for the...
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    Fastest WordPress Hosting in South Africa

    Hi guys, This is a question specifically about WordPress performance on Linux hosted servers. This is not about value for money, good customer support or anything else. I've been developing client websites on (or transferring to) a variety of tiered Linux hosting solutions from Afrihost...
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    Undisclosed Accident Damage on Second Hand Car - Legal Advice?

    Hi guys I've bought an 2007 Audi A3 2.0 FSI in a private sale earlier this week. I drove the car, checked out the outside and interior and everything seemed ok. I asked the seller repeatedly whether the car has been in any accidents and he told me there was only a minor door scrape that he...