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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Nice, please post some feedback. If you like the performance, then I'll definitely order one today!
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Also contemplating that 1TB Hikvision drive from Evetech. Bought from them numerous times before without issues, but hoping that special extends after pay day, then I'll pick one up.
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    Why tf are Call Of Duty games so overpriced on Steam?

    This, +100
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    Age Of Empires IV

    Pity I missed this thread. I enjoyed the closed beta and the stress test and already have the game pre-ordered on Steam as I cancelled my gamepass. Once the full version is out, we should hookup for some games. I'm not the best, normally just comp stomp, but wouldn't mind doing some team games...
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    I see the new Hisense 2021 TV models are starting to trickle in slowly on the local Hisense site ( Some of them only have "Coming Soon" for their details, but there are a few that already have specs up. Quite a few HDMI 2.1 models as well.
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    Emulator gaming

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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Quake Rerelease 2021 Having a blast playing online deathmatch via Crossplay. Even though via matchmaking the latency is a bit rough (180-210ms) its still addictive. Played some coop too tonight with a local console player. My dedicated server is still up and running for anyone seeking some...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Just a quick shout out to Cool Ideas support. My connectivity dropped last night 18:15 and I had no internet for the rest of the evening. Logged a fault just after 08:00 this morning, within the hour, Dwayne phoned me to inform that he logged a fault with Openserve on my behalf. Then, at 12:20...
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    Quake: Revitalized Edition

    Feel free to join the Steam group I've created, as this will also help to coordinate potential play times.
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    Quake: Revitalized Edition

    As promised, with a bit of tinkering I managed to get a dedicated server up and running. At this stage, the only way you can connect to it is by means of the console, so once you're logged in and at the main menu, open op the console by pressing ~ (tilde) (next to 1 on your keyboard) and then...
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    Quake: Revitalized Edition

    Different strokes for different folks I guess ;) By the way, I figured out how to run a dedicated server using the new revitalized edition. Will post details about the server tomorrow / later today :cool:
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    Quake: Revitalized Edition

    Will put a server or 2 this morning, can't wait to get fragging! PS: Okay, this is going to take some trial and error, will post if I'm successful in getting a dedicated server online.
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Haven't advertised, so no. But I guess its a pipe dream, getting locals to play it again with BF 2042 around the corner. Think what I'll do is, I'll host the AIX2 mod, since that allows for ranking, has bots support and a lot of custom content. That way, those that want to play locally with...
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    Battlefield 6 reveal - June 9 Leaked videos are still available as of this post of mine.