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    10 reasons you don't need to panic about Covid-19

    Currently living in Netherlands. A 16 year old fit as a fiddle just went into ICU at our local hospital this morning, joining about 4 others under 20. Numerous people under 40 years old have died in Italy. Currently about 60% of patients on ventilators are 30 - 50yo - most with no priors. They...
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    WHO says world is on the brink of a pandemic

    It is. But testing kit distribution needs to catch up, in order to populate the spreadsheets, in order to visualise the data, in order for the people in the boardroom to declare it as such.
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    Over 250k people died worldwide last year from influenza (just putting it out there)
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    Samsung TV Fades to Black. Repairable?

    Suggestions above are valid, but before you crack it open try do a factory reset in the settings menu.
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    Problems with background applications on iOS 13 - Report

    This is actually bad mobile software architecture from Microsoft (gasp) - apps should constantly be ready to be killed by the OS, and handle resume on restart seamlessly. Take iOS Chrome browser as an example.
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    Thousands affected as Eskom cuts power to non-payers in Gauteng

    What we have here is the give a phucks up against the don’t give a phucks, and a textbook example at that.
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    How to Halt Global Warming for $300 Billion

    Unless it is burnt, how?
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    How to destroy a country

    I have spoken to numerous (by now old) black people who attest their conditions where better during apartheid re: security and services. Moreover, people go on as if apartheid South Africa was some sort of Auschwitz - but it was not. My home country (Poland) had many orders of magnitude more...
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    You'll probably be hit with Phase 3 wind restrictions at some point.
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    2019 Rugby World Cup

    Anyone ever consider that Faf deliberately gave the ball away in order for the team to sharpen up their defences which will be needed in the final? Why would we play our best game and expose all our tactics before the final? These keyboard warriors assume they are better tacticians than what I...
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    Google Home Mini

    Set the language in the Google Home app to American English.
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    Perpetual apple login popup - ios 13

    I guess you should log in.
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    Induction Charger vs Power Bank Gifts

    This^ .. Except you'll use it every day and when one day you don't have one you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Nothing better than getting home and slapping your phone on it without thought. Have 4 - kitchen, bedroom, study and car.
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    The US ban has destroyed the smartphone industry, says Huawei CEO

    You think everything Snowden et al revealed makes ‘murica any different? Lol. Good luck man.
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    The human-chimpanzee common ancestor model: The issues.

    Yea. Mielies and Bananas usually throw them. ToE and Selective Breeding is the same thing on different time scales.