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    Elitehost down?

    I've been moving sites all week. I'm kinda done with South African hosts, tbh.
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    Elitehost down?

    It's getting ridiculous now.
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    Elitehost down?

    I think we need some sort of a discount on our current invoices, on account of the CCPVirus and these outages. I'm only half joking :)
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    Elitehost down?

    Sadly, Elitehost is pretty useless right now.
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    Elitehost down?

    rs42-jhb is currently down.
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    Dont Judge a Book by its cover - Places that looks meh or are in meh areas .... but good food and atmosphere

    That's so sad. I used to go there all the time about 5 years ago. I met the owner numerous times. The food was amazing, and cheap too. I always tell people to give it a try.
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    Maintenance court

    Use a condom next time.
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    What do I need to set up a call centre?

    This is why we can't have nice things in SA.
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    Elitehost down?

    All my sites hosted with Elitehost have been crawling for more than a week now. I've honestly just about had it with SA hosting companies.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    It also happened to me today. Postnet still hasn't let me know what's going on yet. I'm also getting another parcel via courier.
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    Elitehost Down ?

    Those prices though.
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    Black Friday Hosting Deals

    A race to the bottom.
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    Duduzane Zuma charms DA supporters

    This what happens when the DA rents a crowd for the day.