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    Dog Food

    Loads of stuff on Facebook if you are on there.. I am not anymore. Ive been feeding this now for almost a year. Cats refuse to eat the stuff unfortunately but my dogs go mad for it. In fact, in an apocalypse I would probably fry it up myself and eat it :p Friends have been using for about 3...
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    Dog Food Need to find a supplier or a vet that supplies. My friends wifes mom trains dogs so she buys in bulk and resells and we score on the roll price. Might need to get onto their group on facebook and make some enquiries maybe. They dont seem to want to sell direct to public.
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    Dog Food

    The raw I buy, costs me about 10.5 per 500g. I feed 1.5kg per day to both my dogs, so thats 3 rolls per day. R31.50 per day. About 976.50 per month for both dogs. The pellets I was buying cost me around 800 per bag when we changed. Was royal canine I think. So the increase in cost was worth it...
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    Dog Food

    That optivet looks sketch... where is the actual protein quantity? 95% of the dog food pellets out there are not that good and many include protein derivatives which in my opinion is the worst of the lot. I feed pure raw food, doggobone and the results are nothing but amazing. Ive got a dog...
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    MP objects to army taking pot shots in residential area on False Bay coast

    This wasnt war games, and it was the coast.. its an exhibition where many people in the Army get to dress up to show off to family and friends and at least feel a bit important.
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    MP objects to army taking pot shots in residential area on False Bay coast

    How often does it actually happen? Typical though for Cape Town... residents like to moan.. get over it.
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    London schoolgirl who fled to join Isis wants to return to UK

    Good, let it be an example to all who went to join ISIS.
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    Why there are so few contactless card machines in South Africa

    Upgraded? They introduced a touch screen, as well as a keypad... why? Every time I use it I question the designers ability to think and reason it out to pure stupidity. Why make me touch the screen once, and then proceed to use the keypad for everything else? Makes no sense. To top it off they...
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    Please Rate Vox

    Absolutely no complaints about Vox fiber, or DSL when I was using it. The fiber service is hands down, perfect. Have never hit any FUP and never had latency issues, touch wood. 50/5..
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    Can one refuse to carry heavy objects at work

    Think its against labour laws to lift anything above 20 or 30kg max. Often two people are required or a forklift but anything above 30kg's you cannot ask a human to move.. legally. There is something in health and safety about it. I see it plastered everywhere in the various courier companies.
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    USA Powerlifting bans all trans women from competing as women

    Good, and I hope more sports do the same...
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    Vox fibre

    Just you I think... been perfect for me. best service...
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    EXPOSED: 2 cops and a DJ from KZN linked to fake news website Newsbru

    Are all Watsons corrupt and criminal?
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    Cancer, Chemo and Kids

    So Ive supplied cannabis oil to a few women with polycystic ovary syndrome with really good results. Its a great companion substance for cancer treatment as well, better than anything else out there and also helps reduce pain I believe.