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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    18, couldnt wait...
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    Adding a 48 hour clause after signing an OTP

    Ignore it, nothing they can do now since OTP is signed, they are taking a chance.
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    My non-biological father issued a maintenance order against me

    His biological kids would probably come before you in this matter. Sounds like the courts would look in your favour anyway.
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    Kulula will let you use your phone throughout flights

    South African FAA regulations are geriatric. The world has moved on yet some airlines are too stupid to change their ways. Flying internationally you soon see why SA aviation seems like its going backwards.
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    Why do so many South Africans put _ZA at the end of their usernames?

    The rest of the world generally has their own regional servers and dont have a need for it.
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    Why do so many South Africans put _ZA at the end of their usernames?

    Because globally, there are so few ZA players that south africans who play on international servers want to indicate to other south africans that they are not alone in the dark web of multiplayer gaming. And helps with duplications and lazy imaginations
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    Another (Canada) Immigration thread

    Do it yourself, plenty of information online you can refer to and making sure you put the correct information down for max points. The last draw points were quite high, 470, but should come down for next one.
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    Another (Canada) Immigration thread

    Halifax is beautiful, in fact most places are I think. Planning on a trans Canada rail trip ending up there and flying home. Will see how things go. I dont think you would have a hard time at all, companies are literally making positions for people who have landed with skills, especially from...
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    Another (Canada) Immigration thread

    Kelowna, British Columbia.. stunning place. Wifes parents own a house here that her sisters family and ourselves share. Finding a rental is very hard, if you bring your pets along like we did. The process for us was straight forward, took 6 months and we had our visas so very efficient. NS...
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    Another (Canada) Immigration thread

    Some good advise Stefan.. Thank f*** I married a Canadian and could literally skip all the crap.
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    Proof of insurance

    They checked my proof of insurance earlier this year. First time they ever checked.
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    This is what R100 will buy you around the world right now

    Im not sure this article captures the actual differences. Actual items may cost a bit more, such as a 2lt coke, but relatively speaking, a 2lt coke in Vancouver is a ton cheaper than a 2lt coke in Johannesburg, because one earns way more per hour relatively speaking, in Canada. Take the minimum...
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    Another (Canada) Immigration thread

    You would not be making a bad decision coming to Canada, this place is amazing. Dont even mention the cannabis possession.. Same thing happened to me and I wasnt charged, did community service and all that. Doesnt appear in your record and doesnt appear in your police clearance, so dont mention...
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    Madonsela wants Zille to ‘withdraw and apologise’ for ‘black privilege’ tweet

    Retweet and retweet, stand your ground Zille. Blacks really hate being painted with the same brush they do the painting with.
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    Which political party will you be voting for 2019 election?

    Lol.. yeah right.. one step forward and 10 steps backward.