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    Big Giveaway- Enter Now

    "Change the game with Vodacom Business when you combine a business internet solution with a mobile device plan"
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Yes if new.
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    NCOP approves Cybercrimes Bill alongside two others

    If I understand correctly this is the one which is largely duplicated in other legislation and considered mostly unenforceable. Also with a bunch of sketchy stuff relating to sharing things which will mostly not hold up in court if challenged. Wonder what changed to make it "acceptable" now.
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    Didn't say it wasn't a process but somewhere someone came up with the main idea. "Think we'll just have to agree to disagree." And this is my point. Two camps who just think differently instead of one being right and the other wrong so they'll never agree. The only solution is a compromise but...
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    This is my point. They didn't bet on feature phones but chose to stay with feature phones when the world was heading in a different direction. They couldn't manage to come up with a version for smartphones. When I say ideas I don't mean simple things like let's use this algorithm instead of...
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    It's not an objective field you can quantify like that, why the 50/50 is the default. The problem with the "execution" people is that they forget where they would be without ideas. Like Blackberry, literally nowhere because they failed to come up with new ideas. Android and Apple are where they...
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    Delays in spectrum licensing for WOAN and 5G in South Africa

    Grandpa in 2090: "There was this time when we were promised this thing called spectrum. Eventually we gave up and moved on and today nobody remembers what this spectrum thing is any more."
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    The Premium PC Games For Free Thread

    Was free end of May. They seem to be recycling again.
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    And then Vodacom went along the lines of "ok let's do it." That's the part people are missing. For Vodacom it was unique and they had an agreement.
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    The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread

    Any reason it's going down again?
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    He's going neither forward nor backward but I'd still like to see Vodacom pay what's due.
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    Home versus Business fibre prices – Why the big difference

    Doubt transit has an influence on the connection type.
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    Lockdown regulations declared invalid and unconstitutional by high court

    Hmm thought appeals are heard in front of a full bench. Unless I'm confusing this with the actual appeal and it's only the pre-hearing to decide if they may appeal.
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    LOL, it's not a misconception. This is the age old debate of ideas vs invention. One contends that inventions are everything while the other contends that nothing can happen without an idea. I'd put it 50/50. The only people who think ideas are worthless are the ones who've never had any ideas.