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    Driver hits 309km/h on N1

    LOL want to see how they successfully prosecute the driver
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    Delays at Jnb inl. mail centre

    Did not know DHL goes through customs at JIMC, their clearing is normally done in the DHL depot with customs officials.
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    Delays at Jnb inl. mail centre

    In the same boat, I sent 2 parcels for USA and France and still has not left JIMC. CapeMail told me there are major logistical issues at JIMC.
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    SA Post Office - We deliver parcels without delays

    LOL who every took over from Barnes has very unachievable goals
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    How to block and filter calls

    Has anyone found an alternative to Truecaller?
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    The biggest online publishers in South Africa

    Title should've read "fake news"
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    The man who brought the first TV to South Africa

    Well that was a nice bit of history thanks!
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    South African Airways is an "unfixable mess"

    Ja what a joke, just flog it already
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Axxess Networks Ping: 2ms Download: 10.44Mbps Upload: 1.97Mbps Test your speed:
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    Meet David Kan – the man who started Mustek South Africa

    Ja get a proper interview.
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    Discovery Bank explains “no whites” share plan

    And people go ape **** when a guest house excludes blacks.
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    How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone

    Parallel space is useful, I only get 1 ad pop up when the app is opened, after that no ads.
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    ‘Just another drunk girl’ [Alleged metered-taxi assault - Cape Town]

    An alleged assault by a metered-taxi driver and his accomplice took place on Thursday evening in Claremont, Cape Town.
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    Importing and shipping assistance [Startup]

    I'm in the process of importing niche motorcycle accessories and replacement parts from South America and China. The products are all priced within R300 to R800 and are the size of a shoebox and smaller, weighing anything from 1kg to under 5kg. I've done all my market research and have...
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    Questionable Accountancy Ethics from Gridhost?

    Hi all First of all I just want to mention that I've been a client with Gridhost for about a year whereby they host several domains for me on a monthly basis. To date their hosting have been superb. I currently have 6 domains hosted at Gridhost which I have not paid for a while due to the...