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    InStr function

    Yep, works fine on my side. Access 2016. Double check that the brackets line up in your formula, you might have missed a closing bracket
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    InStr function

    TestInstr: Left([ProductID], InStr([ProductID], "/") - 1)
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    InStr function

    What is the name of the field you're using InStr on? IIRC, Access is really finicky about punctuation and other non-alphanumeric characters.
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    Excel formula amendment - tiny change :)

    If your version of Excel has =SORTBY, you can sort the red range in-formula using something like SORTBY($D$1:$E$10, $D$1:$D$10) or even better put it in a table and have nicer syntax like SORTBY(Red, Red[Num]) Then again, if you have access to SORTBY, you probably have access to XLOOKUP...
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    Excel formula amendment - tiny change :)

    Using =IF or =IFS is okay if you're only dealing with 3 or 4 cases, but it's going to become a real schlep to scale up to more cases. =VLOOKUP(B1, Table1, 1, TRUE) or =LOOKUP(B1, Table1[Qty], Table1[Price]) with an =IFERROR around it (or 0 > x >= 500 validation on B1) looks a bit cleaner to me...
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    Eskom implements stage 3 load-shedding

    Have they considered another emergency backup system for when their current emergency backup system is not working? :unsure:
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    SSD all the way. I would rather use a 10 year old laptop with an SSD, than a 2021-model laptop with a HDD.
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    How South Africans will register for a COVID-19 vaccine

    You people are overcomplicated things, man. Email every citizen a copy of "Copy of Copy of Electronic Vaccine Data System (9) (Final) (Final Final) (autosave).xlsx" Each person then adds a row to the end and fills in their details in their preferred format They then email it back An unpaid...
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    Epic tech deals this week

    I too miss people fighting over who gets to post a link to Guzzle first.
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    Sheets / Excel question re. percentages

    Formula in F3: =B3/A3*E3
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    Great tech deals this week

    Was R545 last month :(
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    Star Wars vs Star Trek

    Star Wars is just a cheap ripoff of Space Balls, and Star Trek is merely a poor imitation of Galaxy Quest.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet Asus VG249Q TUF Gaming 23.8" Full HD (1920x1080) 144Hz 1ms IPS FreeSync Gaming Desktop Monitor for R3999 Cheapest 23.8"...