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    Pokemon Go!

    Missed this community day. Only realised afterwards what was going on today.
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    Huawei EMUI 10 / Android 10 local release.

    I have finally received the update... Only to find that Pixel launcher is now no longer supported. It can never be just easy.
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    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    Are you bragging or moaning? :p I'm considering another milk stout, and seems I might be able to get all the ingredients I want, even though it's not listed on Brewcraft's site.
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    Cloning 500gb HDD to 120gb SSD

    Came here to say exactly this. Macrium Reflect will allow you to clone from a larger drive to a smaller one, as long as the spaced used on the larger drive does not exceed the capacity of the smaller drive.
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    Which large food retailer do you support the most often?

    Spar, but I'm starting to think the bulk of my monthly shopping should move to checkers, seems to be a bit cheaper.
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    Vodacom Uncapped Fibre Giveaway - Enter Now

    Super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity.
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    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Any damage or misalignment on your ride? Could have been worse, glad you're still with us.
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    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, that if you aren't already providing this type of info, it might be interesting at the least, maybe even valuable, to supply as part of the kit documentation. I mean, you already know which yeast strain you supply, and it's attenuation and so forth. Just a...
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    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    @Toxxyc, out of interest, do these FWKs come with estimated/projected SG / FG targets?
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    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    Without measuring equipment, I'd say two weeks to be safe. You'll want it sitting at around 20°C on average.
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    ONE-DAY Vodacom Promotion - Enter Now

    What is Business Internet LTE? LTE offers a faster and more efficient data network for small- and medium-sized businesses, and with speeds up to three times faster than 3G, it provides reduced network delay for business activities such as video conferencing. At an average speed of 20 Mbps...
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    Lockdown booze recipes

    Fermented sugar-water doesn't count :p
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    Evetech accused of breaking the CPA

    It's sad to see a company fall to these lows. Brings back memories of Sybaritic of old. The last few months (years?) when they were in business was also quite the **** show. I remember accompanying one of my friends to their premises for the eventual exchange of a motherboard of gfx card or...
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    Nedbank Avo App Promotion – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Many retailers, in one basket Drive, park and queue no more with groceries you can order, track and pay for from home, with free delivery. On checkout, you can schedule a delivery day and time that suits you. Groceries via OneCart, are available in selected metropolitan suburbs only. New areas...