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    Where to learn Forex trading for free?

    yep -- stats show 80% lose money. good luck being in the 20 i tried - i lost - i gave up
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    Looking for the name of a cartoon showed on K-TV in late 90s/early 2000s.

    haha .. my thoughts exactly without even opening this thread. what a lady she was!!
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    Pravin Gordhan - Don't think Eskom when voting

    markets dont show that at the moment --- just saying.
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    Pravin Gordhan - Don't think Eskom when voting

    ' ok so take this scenario- new government comes in with a swath of changes to address the problem. privatizing and shedding 1000's of jobs etc etc. now imagine you worked for eskom and voted for this new government and your job was shed. What will you do, how will you feel about your 'new'...
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    Pravin Gordhan - Don't think Eskom when voting

    well a new government wont fix eskom overnight or even in 5 years. and when they are in charge they will also be blamed for eskoms failing if there had to be load-shedding or such. Vicious circle.. and vicious world unfortunately.
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    Stanlib Investment - is this normal?

    World markets generally follow the U.S -- even in our **** yy economy look at the jse for the past 3 months. Trumps done well for us lol
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    brics bank approves $790m for 3 sa projects

    If any of you saw that JRA dude yesterday --- OMG!! that is the most blatant shitt33 ive seen in my life
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    Laptop stolen -- What is the value of the laptop on the street?

    to the thief -- depending on his/her situation. even the next meal is valuable enough.
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    How load shedding hikes up your electricity bill

    yep yep -- got a geyser timer now free of charge. definitely saving some on bill.
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    157 aboard Ethiopian Airlines flight to Nairobi involved in fatal crash

    i seriously hope its not a boeing issue - with their 7 year backlog and 47 plane a month output. this could spell real trouble for the airline industry.
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    South African stocks are super cheap – but no one’s buying

    lol really no one is buying? maybe you should have a look at the top 40 since December. A lot of buying actually. index cannot be moving up ward since the sell off in December if no one is buying. /articles without research :notworthy:
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    Courier Stops Delivery to Swedish No-Go Suburb Due to Danger

    happens in SA too - couries have told me they dont do certain areas as they are deemed "high risk"
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    Eskom load shedding alert until the end of the weekend

    All this stinks of Political chess....
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    Pablo Escobar's hippos keep multiplying and Colombia doesn't know how to stop it

    just google hippo steak --- > its a thing