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    Netflix Help

    I don't think that's 100% true. Maybe on the web based side, but I just purchased a new smart TV and set it up to my current region (Finland) and got what I expected. Decided to set the TV region as ZA to get the DSTV Now app, but noticed my Netflix content was now ZA based.
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    Emigration question. Laptop or Console?

    I took my PS4 on an international flight in my carry on luggage. Worked like a charm, but I had already moved all my stuff over and was travelling light on a separate flight, so decided to pack it in. If you have the $$ saved up, can you not buy the console on the other end?
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    How to start learning Android dev?

    The Google CodeLabs are apparently* quite good, and the r/AndroidDev subreddit can be useful. If you have some experience with OO coding, it won't be too bad. The major issue is the Android API's, as half of them are horrible and the other half over-engineered... There's also a ton of (good)...
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    Flight Simulator 2019

    Ha. My base game of X-Plane was around 60Gb, but my scenery collection was over 600Gb at one point
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    Flight Simulator 2019

    Thats probably the stock 747 though - its beyond horrible. Granted, there isn't a premium alternative available. But I found some of the other aircraft did feel better. But, not being a real pilot, my opinion actually means nothing in that regard
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    Flight Simulator 2019

    Theres a part of the community that try do it all properly with really well modeled aircraft (not talking about the stock airliners that come with FSX, but the paid for aircraft for P3D and X-Plane). With these, you actually have to know how to start the plane with the correct procedures. Before...
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    PlayStation 4 users can finally change their online ID

    Exactly. Do they think we should just have accounts per country we've been in? I've resorted to buying ZA vouchers, but they're so much more expensive than their value - so becoming less worth it. Luckily I still have an SA card I can use.
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    PlayStation 4 users can finally change their online ID

    But I still can't change my billing country... :rolleyes:
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    Tabs versus spaces

    This. So many colleagues of mine have thought they were part of the Tabs group, because they pressed the Tab button - without realising most IDE's convert it to 4 spaces...
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    Mac fan now, did not take long but FK me the folder management sucks!!!!

    Er no, this doesn't work in Finder.. Other apps, sure. But not Finder. Third party solution? Why? At times, I have 10 Finder windows open at the same time, dragging files between... All using Command-N to open a new window...
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    Mac fan now, did not take long but FK me the folder management sucks!!!!

    I stand corrected - completely missed the "option" part in "Command-Option-V" Also, TIL - thank you :laugh:
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    Mac fan now, did not take long but FK me the folder management sucks!!!!

    Whats wrong with the delete button? Command-Backspace is delete, and that works on files too... As for the window management, although a pain - its also just different. You may need to change your workflow (which I know is not ideal). Instead of having partially expanded windows that you drag...
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    Fortnite battle Royale

    Not sure how I feel about the Fortnitemares addition. At the very least it needs balancing. End game can be really unbalanced. I won a game yesterday 'cause I just perched myself on top of the tall mountain near Salty with a sniper taking pot shots at the other 4 people frantically trying to...
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    Budget mountain bike

    I was also sceptical at first :ROFL: