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    Behind Eskom's decision to form a "black businesses only" academy

    Eye Q, entitled attitude and work ethic. Africa.
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    Eskom says no to skilled engineers and technicians

    What I find most interesting is the almost universal tone of the comments. They show total distrust of the Govt and SOE's. Job reservation and suspicion of corruption is pervasive. Simply a repetition of what went before. This does not bode well for the future.
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    Best tech deals from Makro and Dion Wired

    Its actually an advertising campaign that you can not switch off and can't avoid: a banner, a billboard that can't be burned. An advert for socialism, communism and top to bottom corruption. An advertising campaign that no capitalist could dream up.
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    Please Rate Afrihost

    They were a year late on installation. I wanted what they had promised... needless to say they have consistently delivered below what they promised. To watch Netfix is a joke... they choke me on weekends and at month ends the speed is so slow that I can not even do a speedtest and this is on a...
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    Telkom tower congestion leaves LTE user with 2Mbps speeds every evening

    Try fiber from Afrihost, I signed up for uncapped and guaranteed un-throttled minimum 20 Mbs and every evening they throttle the download to between 2Mbs and 8Mbs and when i contact them they promise to escilate the problem and nothing gets done. I would love it if mybroadband could ask why...