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    Eskom's big changes for electricity tariffs proposed

    Let's talk value for money.... How does Eskom justify R11,256 per year for some wires in an urban environment? That's a massive rip off for infrastructure that's already paid off. I'm shocked at Eskom's greed.
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    Toyota recalls bZ4X electric car over hub bolts that hold wheels

    Best to stick with tried and tested ICE cars (or a horse).
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    Check out these cool Raspberry Pi projects

    RPI4 - best router ever. Add USB3 GbE nic or use vlan capable switch. Add OpenWrt or use Raspberry Pi OS Lite (Debian 11). iptables/nftables for firewall Add docker and run PiHole Add vnstat container for network stats Add smokeping container etc
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    Nigeria fines MultiChoice R200,000 for BBC bandit documentary

    BBC - UK government propaganda disguised as independent media. See Agree that Nigeria is know for exhorting money, but in this case it seems the Nigeria is correct. The...
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    Power trollies that can carry you through stage 4 load-shedding

    This also has wheels - aka a "trolly" - does it qualify?
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    Nigeria fines MultiChoice R200,000 for BBC bandit documentary

    This is not a tax. This is the current law of the land and MultiChoice failed to abide by the law. Same thing in ZA. Multichoice fined R40,000 for negligence for broadcasting an DSTV promotion advert on Childrens Disney XD channel. The advert was a collage of scenes from movies to be featured...
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    Telkom announces date for structural and legal separation of Openserve

    This was a real issue up to ~2010 when Telkom SOE had a government monopoly on cabling in ZA. Regulation changes (Legal Cases) and Telkom inefficiencies, Telkom high prices, Telkom arrogance allowed DFA & Vumatel & SEACOM to break the Telkom monopoly. Today OpenServe is just another FNO.
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    Court reserves judgement in climate activists' case against 3,000MW gas power plant

    Where does the gas come from? Is the gas imported like diesel for the OCGT (Open Cycle Gas Turbines)? Coal, Solar and wind are all local resources and should be prioritised over imported gas.
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    The ANC's spectrum policy includes a government mobile network

    What happened to Cell-C and Telkom - they also have/had infrastructure. "The idea behind giving the SDIC spectrum" is to give the ANC another SOE to plunder. ANC is low on funds - can't pay staff - SDIC is a perfect way for ANC to steal more money. Government is meant to govern. Government is...
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    Voice over IP vs Telkom landline price comparison

    Works for me at home and also wifes work no issues with call quality at all. Using Opus codec on VoIP. POTS was bad with line crackle all the time. Wife's bill went from R2500/pm to R1200/pm (includes 100Mbps Fibre) as VoIP is per second and POTS was per second only after first minute, and...
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    Microsoft confirms Teams and Azure problems in South Africa

    Thanks Microsoft. time 11:00 and took a long weekend.
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    Solar panel prices hiked

    Raw materials from Xinjiang?
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    President Ramaphosa wants lower wages to help revive economy

    Speaks with forked tongue. Eskom 7%