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    ASUS GL553VE BIOS Bricked via Windows 10 update

    I presume you have removed the power adapter and the battery and left it off for a while?
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    Cloning of drive

    Minitool Partition Wizard. Your SSD is too small though.
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    Is Cell C Giga packages dead? select 365 days. And then also the 50GB for R500/180 days special.
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    Meissner UPS0035I/P/INTEL

    I'm looking for a manual/info on this one. Google doesn't give me anything. Eaton website even less. Thx
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    El-Cheapo UPS Battery replacement: Can I use Lithium (LiPo)?

    Just get the Lipo battery, with a suitable charger. Your ONT & Wifi Router probably run on 12V anyway. No need for a inefficient inverter.
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    Home network with wifi AP's setup reccomendations About R1200 each. They are the best in my opinion. Easy to setup & manage. Guest network, vouchers etc.
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    Hexing CIU Dat and Time set

    I doubt that you can set the date/time on these manually. If you were able to the pre-paid vouchers would be compromised - I suspect anyway. I think the unit has a SIM card in which should do the syncing.
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    Sonoff SV as a relay (Gate motor)

    Midas or any car part place.
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    Just arrived in the post

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    Just arrived in the post

    When did you order the goods?
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    Sonoff Devices / Sonoff with Tasmota

    Anyone add a temperature probe to read geyser temp?
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    Adapter for 2.5" SSD into 3.5" Caddy

    Thanks. I just bought that exact same item from someone else. More expensive but the supplier is round the corner.
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    Nikki Spout for 50 mm hole

    Hi Does anyone know where one can get a Nikki spout for a 50mm hole? I have tried CTM, Italtile and Builders. I found a better fitting one at Bathroom Bizarre. At least it has a bigger size fitting on the back/outside. I would however prefer to get one made for a 50mm hole.