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    Are you working from home?

    Amsterdam-based. Our entire company of 170+ people (short of 1 or 2 in ITOps) is working from home as per the 13th of March, and will continue until at least the 6th of April. My commute is only 15 minutes either way so I'm not saving a ton of time, but I am enjoying the working from home...
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    The good ol' banter thread - Season 7

    Don't speak of the devil, he may hear you and come. So the thing is, when I said I was going out for a pack of smokes what I MEANT was I'm off to Amsterdam to grow a massive beard and hide from Coronavirus.
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    Load shedding Stage 6: 18:00 - 23:00 [2019/12/09]

    Not sure, but it definitely got me concerned. We're permanently out of the country but have plenty of family left in SA to deal with this. Their inverter recently blew and the cost for new ones is honestly taking the piss. It's going to be a tense festive season in SA.
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    What is the best car you have ever owned?

    Honda S2000, here's the thread from 4 years ago (Which FiestaST still keeps ticking over) that explains why. Bonus - Worst car I ever owned was a 2005 Subaru Legacy 3.0R automatic...
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    Too soon junior (Contains VTEC Yo)

    Beautiful. tempted to get my next one in white. I now live in Amsterdam (up from the Hague) where the parking is more ****ed. I could rent a space in the basement garage for 150 euro a month, but it doesn't makes sense as I'll hardly use it here. Thinking of getting a boat for the canals...
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    Photo Competition - Vote for your favourite photo

    Lovely shots, congrats to everyone who made it this far! Only one vote is too low.
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Same here, I think it's an editing style choice - one that I personally dig. Especially the blue sky "wave" between the clouds and sand dunes in post #312
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    South Africa, the next 5 years [discussion]

    Similar situation here. 29, emigrated in 2017 and didn't look back. I still have some assets in SA (Like my house, which I rent out) but beyond that no additional investment in the country. Parents won't leave, they're sticking around do or die. I don't have a positive outlook on SA in the...
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    How much data do you use?

    1Gbps uncapped fibre line for 40 euros a month. Plenty of 4K streaming to the TV but not much else beyond the odd game download and photo/video backup to cloud storage.
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Entry 10 - Gay Pride
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Entry 9 - Rorschach the kitten
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Entry 8 - Tram to nowhere
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Entry 7 - Eindhoven carnival
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Entry 6 - London on the move
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    Photo Competition - Win great prizes

    Entry 5 - Reflections of Amsterdam