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    Apple Watch Series 5 – South African pricing

    You can get better fitness watches for cheaper and similar price.
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    White monopoly capital is a reality, Ace Magashule tells students

    Lol.. hey blaming the white devil for their own failures ... nothing new. And if you believe what wanker says, then you are part of the problem with SA today.
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    "Pedo guy" is a common South African insult - Elon Musk

    Just wanted to say the same. Maybe he should have called him a p03s.. that is true SA spirit..
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    Zondo commission has cost SA R356m so far

    If cadres go to jail , then money well spend. But we all know, that won't happen....
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    Malema's 'dead white man' Mugabe tribute cleared by Twitter, despite complaints

    He is trying very hard to stay relevant. Using Mugaabs funeral and throwing white man into it.. lol. He has to keep hating else he is a 0.
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    Robert Mugabe has died

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    Have you been a victim of crime?

    2 cars stolen. house almost broken into. ex wife handbag was stolen tried to steal my ex father in laws bakkie
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    Court case could end affirmative action based on race in South Africa

    Agreed. One card that keeps ANC in power and why would they abandon it now?
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    Foreskin woes

    Divorce? :ROFL:
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    419 million Facebook users' phone numbers exposed

    In SA it's called hacking! And :ROFL: at FB!
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    ‘If I was in president Ramaphosa’s shoes I would only do one thing’: Capitec CEO

    He is making 1 mistake. He thinks ANC is interested in fixing the country....