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    Divorcees, how much did it cost and what did he/she take?

    Ding ding.. mine was very very similar.
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    16-inch MacBook Pro coming - Report

    2 kidneys and you can have it!
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    South Africans feel less happy than 5 years ago - survey

    Keep on voting ANC to keep being unhappy...
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    The ANC wants every member to give it R50

    Nice. Now the ANC can squander their members money too. Keep on paying those fees.
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    Ajay Gupta no longer a fugitive after arrest warrant cancelled

    And that is the saddest part for me... people see/hear how Comrades stole the money... but yet they vote *aka* approve ANC!
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    Ramaphosa to announce plans to resolve the current power crisis

    That is the ANC's policy when it comes to being productive...
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    Ramaphosa: Our finances are constrained, we will have to make difficult choices

    You got jokes !!! Anc stop stealing :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
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    ISPs must report South Africans for piracy – Cybercrimes Bill

    Luckily I got my VPN! But true SA standards... go after the easy targets , instead of criminals..
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    Moody’s likely to downgrade SA if govt takes on Eskom debt - PwC

    Haven't moody's been "warning" us for like a few years now? JUST DO IT!!! Show #ProudlyANC government some consequences for their crap... CR's investors trip is going to be undone by Eskom. Don't worry SA, keep on voting ANC!
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    Katy Perry's ‘blackface’ shoes to be pulled from shelves after outcry

    lol!! You feel insulted by a shoe? damn dude...
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    The real reasons why Eskom is a total mess

    Spot on. The ANC saw a fat piggy when Eskom made that 1 Billion profit.... they killed that piggy! Amazing how competitive we were to super ****. The ANC liberated the country, and the economy in sy moer in...