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    Showmax Pro with live sport launched

    Because it's not the same content it was a year ago, as in the ratio - you have to trawl through pages of content to see anything of any decent quality.
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    Showmax Pro with live sport launched

    Yeah, I figured that out quite a while ago. What I am saying is that it used to be good quality content, now it's cheap local content, so throwing in "SuperSport" might be the only thing that will convince me to upgrade the service. I'm on the brink of cancelling
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    Showmax Pro with live sport launched

    Too much local content on Showmax at the moment, this might be the only thing that will save them.
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    New lockdown rules for sport and going to the movies in South Africa

    I think there is already a common law that prohibits such socially awkward behavior, irrespective of lock-down..
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    Eskom employees held hostage and forced to unlawfully restore supply

    One of the techies lives in the area...
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    Aramex closes Johannesburg hub after COVID-19 outbreak

    I am usually so excited when my package arrives I have to calm down and focus. I rip it open like an animal, place the contents one side and spray them (have to be careful in case I need to return them), then I discard the packaging. Sanitize hands vigorously. And then I proceed in opening the...
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    Aramex closes Johannesburg hub after COVID-19 outbreak

    So even if the delivery guy is safe, the parcel could be contaminated from the hub :oops: #trojanhorse
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    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    I have ditched the whole inverter plan for lighting - got 2 X Deep Cycle Batteries running 2 12V light systems i.e. 1 for outside, 1 for inside. Much more efficient, cheap to setup. Only using a Mecer Inverter for the TV area i.e. Router, TV, Google Home, Laptop, 2 Lamps I have connected 12V...
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    Here is the operating procedure for South African schools when they are reopened

    Why not open up the economy before the schools?
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    South African lockdown extended for 2 more weeks

    AFAIK stationary is an essential item, you can order on Takealot and most supermarkets still sell it
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    Going for a walk during the lockdown should be fine - Minister

    Actually, my neighbourhood is normally full of walkers/joggers/dog-walkers - lots of active people. So in my suburb, it is a risk. Just this morning there were probably around 5 people passing each other on any given street, because they are active, and they are all at home.
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    WhatsApp car licence renewal warning

    I take 5 minutes at my local Spar - pay them R130 as an admin fee and don't have to stare at any sad faces, or listen to people moaning in the post office queue, which is probably offline anyways