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    Defy Fridge Constantly Running

    Could be a bad thermostat, or for some reason it doesn't reach temperature ( gas leaked out) You could try replacing thermostat , see if there a defy branch near you , they sell spares to public.
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    Awaiting refund, not prepopulated apologies

    Next subscription more or less than your overpayment?
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    Fibre Ping Pong

    Could be a bad splice from his outside box to fno hardware. Or they prematurely sighed suburbs as complete.
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    Joe Biden defeats Trump to win US election

    Poor timmy starting to grow on me , need to go read that comments tho.
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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    There a few "wifi" isps tried some of them ? Heard emerald fire good.
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Buddy father in law passed away a while ago , his daughter was one of "this is just a flu" type.
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    12-year-old girl raped after swim in Eastern Cape dam, teenager arrested

    Booysen park kids still play in streets , as young as 3 to 4 years old . Parent's need to work and there no money for Daycare for kiddos.
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    Stage 2 loadshedding from today until... 11pm Monday

    There should be a model number sticker on one side , take a pic for us
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    The wait is unbearably painful

    Addopt a granny [emoji16]
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    And im back
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Someone on afrihost dead too
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Asked now on our neighborhood grouf if others down.
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Isp ?, im cool ideas
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Rowallan park down too
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    ISP Remotely Controlling Router Settings

    Put it in its box , keep it as a backup incase you need it , or something go wrong and they insist it your router.