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    iPad2 in Port Elizabeth

    iPad 4 will be out the year after that, and then where will you be?
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    Iphone 4 problem

    And exchange it for an HTC Desire.
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    iPad online orders ???

    These guys ship internationally: Or... you could wait a month or so and get ripped off locally :)
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    multiple sms receipients

    Just keep in mind that what the phone will do is to send a single sms x number of times. I.e. you're going to get charged for 12 sms's.
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    IPhone 3Gs and MMS

    I don't have an iphone myself, so this is hearsay... I have a friend with an iphone and he has identical problems. Basically, as he explained it to me, he can have mms working, but not internet, or vice versa. Solution? Sorry, don't have one! Good luck.