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    ONE-DAY Cash Giveaway - Enter here now

    for each entry, we will donate R10
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    Auditor-General says SA Post Office commercially insolvent - Report

    Clawback monies from those that decided on the expensive facelift that added no value and from mismanagement of funds.
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    Why South Africa is using powerships to combat energy shortage

    It's the quickest way to STEAL MONEY. ANC is not developing longterm proper solutions as those making the decisions now may not be here long enough to cash in. Its blatant misuse of the peoples money and they should be charged
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    If you try to claim "too much" from your car insurance, your policy can be cancelled

    Insurance companies should be forced to put this information on all adverts.
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    High-speed DSL now cheaper than Vumatel 10Mbps fibre

    They should sell their fibre installations (in Goodwood) to another ISP to offer their huge debt
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    High-speed DSL now cheaper than Vumatel 10Mbps fibre

    Don't be a moron. They are becoming like Telkom. High prices because we have no other FIBRE option
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    Vumatel under fire for network problems

    They should remove their fibre from Goodwood as their prices are exhorbitant. All the inconvenience was a waste. There are good LTE options so I don't know what model they have as Goodwood mainly have pensioners.
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    Vumatel drops cheapest fibre packages

    Vumatel should be heavily FINED.
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    2: Data recovery and protection For peace of mind, Rescue Data Recovery Services is also included, ensuring protection of your most precious memories and important work. This will cover you for data loss and retrieval services in the rare event that the drive fails or breaks because of natural...
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    Article 1: As it’s a solid state drive, the Seagate Expansion SSD also offers greater reliability and much faster transfer speeds than typical external hard drives. File transfers can go up to 400MB/s when used with a compatible USB 3.0 port. This means you can copy gigabytes of files in mere...
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    Article 3: Thanks to the card’s seamless integration with Xbox Velocity Architecture, you will get the same fast loading speeds and can still use the Quick Resume feature to jump between titles within seconds. Like