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    Internet access on Rain

    What was the issue? Your solution could help someone else in the future.
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    Beware when ordering from RARU...

    My experience with Raru over multiple years has been nothing but terrible. I have experienced: delayed shipping, even for "in stock" items (it's never in stock, don't believe their lies) simply being sent the wrong items (like a cheap Chinese knockoff of the iPad cover I wanted) pre-ordering...
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    Best places to get a laptop (I'm a writer who quit my job and am going freelance)

    This. Lenovo keyboards (not the ones on the cheap models) are my favourites.
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    Avengers: Endgame overtakes Avatar to become the biggest movie of all time

    They already did:
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    You can just do it yourself after logging in.
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    Paper Straws

    I hate paper straws so much that I wonder if the polar bears are worth it.
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    Am I the only one who drives at the speed limit?

    Don't you understand they need to get to the mall, now? Don't you understand how important these people are and how valuable their time is compared to everyone else's? They can't afford to drive the speed limit or wait in a queue like normal people!
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    MTG Arena

    Windows PC only to my knowledge.
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    Chaos and employees demanding tips - OR Tambo responds

    Even the toilet cleaners at OR Tambo expect tips. It's ridiculous.
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    Changing Employers, Withdraw Provident Fund or Transfer to New Employer?

    Regardless of what you decide, make sure you don't pay tax when moving it. You will incur a tax penalty if you go from pension to provident. In that case, transfer to a pension preserver. Also keep in mind, if you are going from provident to pension, you will not pay tax, but may be liable for...
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    CR2 file?

    You've already been given advice on how to open it, so I'll just add my 2c on the RAW format: It is always better to shoot in RAW, unless storage space is a big concern. Cameras can do both JPG and RAW, but for editing and post-processing, RAW is far superior.
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    Is this the new crazy frog? Who thinks of these things? (Gummibär)

    It's not new. The original Swedish "Gummibjorn" was released in 2007 already.
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    Raru poor service

    Have had multiple bad experiences with Raru and will not use them again.
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    Magic the Gathering TCG- cheapest place to buy new cards?

    Planeswalker decks are fairly weak, but will do until the Challenger decks come out in April. If you really want something similar to a deck builder's toolkit, then look at the bundle (dice, lands pack, and 10 boosters). DBTs mostly contain previous generation booster packs anyway.
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    Magic the Gathering TCG- cheapest place to buy new cards?

    New challenger decks are coming in April. Strong decks for under R400, if 2018's price is anything to go by. With these you can sit down and play, and expect decent results. Also, don't build from boosters, it's a waste of money. Get a decklist and order the singles you want.